Post Facial Tips

Getting a facial is not only a relaxing experience, but also a very beneficial experience for your skin. But sometimes you may not get the best results: try these tips before or after your facial to get the most benefits for your money.  Get the scoop on these post facial tips.

– Try to avoid wearing makeup for at least two days: this will give your skin time to purge out any gunk that was brought to the surface by the facial, and applying makeup can make it worse by re-clogging your pores.

-Avoid the sun: Since your skin was just scrubbed and/or peeled, a new layer of skin has just been exposed, and sun is not something you want your skin to get touched by.

-Don’t pick at anything: If the facial leaves behind any pimples or breakouts [which it probably will], avoid picking/touching/all of the above.

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