Post Patty’s Day Workout

St. Patty’s Day has passed, and a lot of us are probably kicking ourselves in the butt for drinking all that beer.  With beach season right around the corner, there’s nothing we want more than a good body.  And how are we gonna get that by drinking beer?  So here’s a few tips to help you work off that beer belly:

1. Cardio

Obviously working out your stomach by doing abs is helpful, but your abs can’t be seen if they’re hiding behind a layer of fat.  Cardio is key to getting your stomach into shape.  Cardio helps you burn stomach fat by increasing your heart rate.  This form of cardio can be anything from running to swimming.

2. Boot camp class

This is a very intense workout, but also gives intense results.  Most gym’s have a boot camp class that you can attend. Entailed in boot camp classes are quick spurs of cardio, then muscle strengthening. Due to the switch up in your workout, your body responds faster, making the workout very effective.

3. Dancing

This is a fun way to get that belly fat off.  It’s a workout that takes very little effort (if you enjoy dancing).  While your out with your friends, hit the dance floor.  It may not seem like a good workout, but it burns calories, which inevitably will help get rid of the fat.

4. Pilates

Pilates works out your muscles, lengthening them as well as strengthening them.  It also tones your stomach and helps you appear leaner due to the lengthening of the muscles.

Good luck!!



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