Prepare for liftoff in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…The Galaxy Trend

The galaxy fashion trend has been around for some time now, thanks to inspirations from the blog site Tumblr and even the background on some of our Macs – and of course, you know, the actual galaxy.  From shoes to clothes to accessories, galaxy-inspired wear has become a huge hit. Below are a pair of cosmic-cool Jeffrey Campbell Litas’, available where most Jeffrey Campbell shoes are sold.  For the sneaker loving chick, the Galaxy Foamposites came out this past Friday!  Be ready to spend at least $200 (not including tax) for a pair of the glow-in-the-dark kicks – if they’re not already sold out.Galaxy Overload


Galaxy Overload by Kairi C.
Blackmilk clothing is known for its galaxy-inspired leggings and dresses.  Starting at $75 these pieces are sure to get you noticed! (Save up ladies!)
Other items in the set above are from Delias, Romwe and Vivienne Westwood.
I love the fact that since galaxy fashion is so colorful, it will be easy to create a fun outfit to show off your interest for our universe in a styish way!  Here’s to a trend that is out of this world!
-Kairi C.

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