Pretty Little Liars Halloween Episode Recap

We were shaking in our seats while watching the “Pretty Little Liars” Halloween episode special on Tuesday night. Our favorite Rosewood gang turned up for a crazy Halloween party… on a train! Naturally, the episode was filled with spooky characters and visits from A, but we’re here to break down the biggest parts of the October special.

First, let’s talk about the basics of this party. The guests hopped aboard a train and weren’t able to get off until the train hit the end of the line. The unbelievable Adam Lambert, who was dressed as a vampire, treated them to a performance! The girls wore some awesome costumes (how good did Emily look dressed as an alien?!), and there were tons of people wearing masks. Hmm… masks are never a good thing in Rosewood.

Garrett showed up aboard the train to tell Spencer what he knew about Alison’s death. He claimed that he saw her the night she died, but that he didn’t kill her! While Jenna thinks that Garrett is the culprit, Garrett himself claims that he didn’t see who killed her. Also, Garrett said that when he returned to Ali’s backyard that night, he saw her with Aria’s dad! What could that mean? Does Byron Montgomery have something to do with the death of his daughter’s best friend?

Someone aboard the train drugged Aria and locked her in a box to try and push her off the train! But as the episode went on, we realized that Garrett was in the box beside Aria…. dead! Yes, fellow PLL fans… Garrett was the unlucky person who didn’t make it off of the train. Isn’t it weird that he confessed his story to Spencer right before his death? Who killed him, and why did they do it?

Now, we have to discuss the creepiest part of the episode: the little girl in the Marin house. When Ashley Marin and Pastor Ted are handing out Halloween candy, a little girl with a ghost-like appearance asks Ashley if she could use the phone to call her mother. She claimed that her mother would be mad at her for something and that the girl’s sister probably ratted her out because she always did that. Does that seem familiar? Remember Ali’s story about the two twins who always fought from last year’s Halloween episode? Well, this girl was definitely creepy, and Ashley described her as feeling cold to the touch! She suddenly disappears from the house, leading Ashley to ask Ted if he believes in ghosts. Who was this girl? Was she Ali’s ghost in a younger form?

The very end of the episode gave us all a shock when a body bag came slowly tumbling out of a huge ice bucket full of drinks. If you guessed that Ali’s body was in this bag, then you’re totally right! The girls looked on in horror as the bag was revealed, causing us at home to wonder why “A” had planted the body on the train to begin with. As a lasting image that will stick in our minds until the January premiere of PLL, we see Ali’s backyard with a plot of dirt. Seems like a normal scene, right? Wrong! A feminine hand popped out of the dirt, looking like the person belonging to the hand was trying to escape. Who does the hand belong to?

Wow! We are left with so many questions to mull over after watching this action-packed episode. Are you as excited for the January 8th premiere of “Pretty Little Liars” as we are? Let us know what you thought about the episode!


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