Pretty Little Liars: The A Team

The finale of Pretty Little Liars was this past Tuesday I’m still trying to understand everything that went down. I was literally shaking in my seat when the Betrayer was revealed and Nate was really a creepy stalker and not Mayas sweet cousin Nate. Here are some Spoilers and some revelations about what the A team might Have in store for the liars in the October 23rd episode.

Adam Lambert- He has a guest spot as a singer at the Halloween party that the girls attend. Wouldn’t it be funny if he were part of the drama and not just a guest star?

Garret- if you saw the finale then you definitely didn’t miss the creepy glare he shot at all four of the girls when he was released from Jail. Judging from Mona’s conversation with the Betrayer, It is a major possibility that Garret is on the A team. Plus there are rumors swirling around on the inter-web that Garret will be a big part of the Halloween episode considering he’s been MIA most of the season.

Ezra- Maggie showing up out of nowhere made me wonder if Aria and Ezra’s relationship will be rocky when he founds out he has a seven-year-old son and that Aria knew before him. Maggie pretended she never met Aria before and Aria carefully played along. I’m team Ezria so I hope nothing changes and they become one happy family but this is Pretty Little Liars were talking about so I highly doubt my wishes will come true.  Besides he could be on the A team which would make all of us Ezria fans really sad.

Toby- Major spoiler alert* Toby is on the A team! I had to keep myself from throwing the remote at the screen. Toby is helping Mona terrorize the girls! Why I thought he was Spencer’s sweet honest on and off again boyfriend. He has plenty of reasons to not like the girls but I’m hoping he is on Mona’s side to help Spencer.

Caleb- First of all Nate was laying on the floor dead because of Emily’s quick wit so who shot Caleb!? Ugh another cliffhanger I’m dying to figure out.

Those are my revelations and spoilers from the Finale. To learn more about the A Team the low down on more PLL check out to check out videos and sneak peaks. There are new peek videos being aired every with clues until the October 23rd episode.

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    • Alyssa
    • September 8, 2012

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the show! It’s amazing how many unanswered questions and theories I have now because of the finale! I just found the time and watched it on Dish Online the other day too, and was literally yelling at my computer when I found out it was Toby. I’ve been talking about it with some of my coworkers at Dish, and although they seem to think Toby is doing it to help the girls, I don’t think that is the case. I read an article with the creator of the show and she spoiled that he is actually evil. Sad face! I just hope the Halloween episode at least answers some questions before we are stuck in another long break trying to figure out everything! 🙂

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