Pretty Little Mamas Review

by Kailee Vance
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If you were waiting for the latest mom-drama reality show since Teen Mom, then don’t worry it’s here. MTV’s new Pretty Little Mamas premiered on Thursday Aug. 30th and it was definitely a good one. The show features 5 young moms who all became pregnant during their senior year of high school or right after graduation. Nicole, the mom group’s ring leader, went to high school with Chandlar, Alyssa, and Cheyenne who is a year younger. Nikki, the newest member of the group moved to San Diego, where the show is filmed, to pursue college and ended up getting pregnant.


The show follows the “mom squad” through their everyday lives of fashion, guys, and parties, oh and their kids. The show introduces you first to all the moms and their children, and how they came to be. The struggles of being pregnant in high school are shown and the same struggles they continue to face of being young moms today. Pretty Little Mamas showcases some important issues that other young moms might face, making these women relatable. For example, Chandlar’s boyfriend, whom she is currently pregnant with her second child with, battles with drug addiction. Most of the first two episodes deal with her effort of trying to balance him and her daughter while also taking care of herself, and the internal battle of making decisions that involve him and her new baby. Meanwhile, Cheyenne faces money issues and being kicked out of her house. Nikki faces a judgmental mom who wants her and her daughter’s father to get married and to get married now. And Nicole struggles with her new boyfriend’s drinking problem.


Although the show has its serious moments, it definitely has its fair share of drama. There are fights and screaming matches, girls getting kicked out of the group, and gossip magazines spewing lies. There is over the top boy drama, and internal conflict with feelings. If you’re looking for a show that isn’t too serious and has drama written all over it than Pretty Little Mamas is the show for you. What will these 5 young moms do next?

The show airs every Thursday night at 9/8c on MTV.

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