Preventing Burnout at Work


You can barely keep your eyes open and your feet are dragging. It’s much more severe than a simple mid-day slump—it’s the exhaustive feeling that you simply can’t take one more minute of your job.

If you’ve experienced any of this, you might be working your way to complete burnout. Here are some tips to help you fight this battle:

Don’t overwork yourself. Sure, you want to do your best at a job, but you’ve got to realize you’re only human and can only do so much. Know your limits and find what works right for you within the parameters of your job.

Take a break. If you get a lunch break, take it. Just because you are busy and have deadlines doesn’t mean you’re not entitled to a break that’s already been worked into your employment agreement. Even if you have to take a short 15 minute break, it’s enough to refresh and reset your mind for the rest of the day ahead.

Learn to love (or at least, like) your job. Find ways to enjoy what you’re doing. Even if you hate the job itself, you might find something else about your workplace enjoyable. Maybe you enjoy your coworkers’ conversations or the paintings in the hallway or heck, even the way the soap in the bathroom smells. Any and every small thing can make a huge difference.

Be aware of how you feel. If you really, really hate your job but feel trapped…look for a solution. It’s important not to ignore how you feel for the sake of a paycheck—it will only stress you out even more and make you feel bitter about your employment situation. You don’t need that. Look for other work in your field or maybe even try a career change.

Find a support system. Talk to people who understand and can offer advice. Sometimes others’ perspectives can change your own and can make you see things in a different light.


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    • Laurie Emerson
    • February 17, 2013

    I like all these ideas. I feel like I am at the edge of a major burnout when it comes to work as I try so hard to get everygthing done but the more I do , the more they give me.

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