Product Review: TRESemme Split Remedy Serum

The other day I was out shopping with my sister (a hairdresser), and she suggested that I try this product. For $4.39 at Target, I decided that TRESemme Split Remedy serum was worth a try.

At first, I used it without reading the directions. I thought you were supposed to use it on your hair after it has been styled. I thought my hair seemed a little greasy, so I was a little upset.

But then, I read the directions and found out that you’re supposed to apply the serum to damp hair and then blow dry it. So the next time I washed my hair, I decided to try it again. After towel-drying my hair, I applied the serum to my damp hair and then blow dried it.

The results: My hair looked super shiny and healthy. I love this product and recommend it to anyone and everyone who has split ends or damaged hair. It work wonders!!!

-Kelsey Reinhart


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