Project Runway Season Finale Part 1 Recap (Spoiler Alerts!)

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And then there were 4.

The latest episode of Project Runway was a whirlwind of fashion chaos from hello to auf  wiedersehen. Now that Sanji is out of the mix, the remaining four designers were still on high cloud of honor, just to have Heidi bring in the rain when she let them know that only three of them were moving on to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. With that, Melissa, Dmitry, Fabio, and Christopher scurried off to their respective homes to get their collections together, with the hopes that those clothes would parade down the white stretch at Bryant Park.

Tim went across the country to check out Christopher’s X-Ray inspired print assortment, which got the thumbs up from Tim. After leaving Christopher’s, Tim checked out Fabio’s tribal collection, which he dubbed “cosmic tribalism”, in which Tim spoke out about the seemingly misplaced winter shoes in a summer collection. However, Fabio threw the artist’s choice gauntlet down and kept the shoes in the collection. Dmitry presented Tim with a coherent line next. Tim spoke honestly when he said he didn’t like the color of some of the pieces, but it did show feasible transitions. Melissa rounded up the trip and showed a group of clothing that was, well, Melissa.

The contestants returned to New York to their fancy new workplaces and apartment. The tension and nerves bouncing through the air were as thick as cool whip as the designers got their three pieces ready for the judges. The day had come to show the judges why they should be showing at Bryant Park. “This show is very very important,” Heidi stressed before the models exhibited the designer’s handy work. Dmitry was the first, sending sheer black tops and a dynamic white dress down the runway. Next, Christopher’s models showed a bleach sprinkled vest, a glimmering chain dangling down the bare back of a backless dress, and a leather bustier dressed, paired his signature x-ray dress. Fabio took the stage right after with his breezy white draped vest, light blue bustier top, and pale pink dress with geometric sheer accents. Melissa wrapped things up with perforated bottoms, black midriff draped tops, and all-around rock and roll edge.

Then, the moment came–the moment when we find out who’s going to make it. The judges commended to Fabio’s colorful collection, despite his endearing nerves, but told him that his clothes need to look more expensive and different. Dmitry was praised for his progress and impeccable tailoring, but was told to work on styling. Christopher, as well, was told to turn up the volume on his clothing, but the judges loved his leather mixed with print. Things went from okay to not so much okay when the judges said that they would have love to see his other works, and that he should’ve shown those instead. Melissa didn’t make things better- she claimed to want to save a little mystery for the show, but Michael Kors said it best “this is it kids”. Today was the day. Her clothes may have been dubbed bland, but her saving graces were her handbags and her edgy white leather jacket.

The judges were concerned about what the designers decided to show them, but they narrowed it down anyways. Here where the real spoiler alerts come in, so if you haven’t seen it, DON’T READ.

The first key to Bryant Park that was handed to the designers was… everyone? All four designers are going? Can you say, “whirlwind”? We’re not complaining. As we say, the more fashion, the better.

But Heidi brought up an interesting point. The next 48 hours for them were crucial, and they needed come ready to wow.

So, who’s going to win? Who will join the ranks of Christian Siriano, Jay McCaroll, and Anya Ayoung-Chee? At this point, it’s hard to tell. Are the designers going to side with Dmitry’s tailoring, Fabio’s fresh outlook, Melissa’s dark aesthetic, or Christopher’s leather edge? Only the pressure of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week will make a designer diamond this week.

We can’t wait to see who’s going to make it work. Until then, auf wiedersehen.


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