Prometheus – Ridley Scott Does It Again! {5 out of 5 Stars}

Ridley Scott returns to Science Fiction and some couldn’t be more thrilled! Prometheus is a great summer flick and one of the best movies we have seen in theaters in a long time! Definitely worth every penny as the big screen experience is essential!

Although it is tied to Scott’s Alien (1979), Prometheus holds its own for a little more than two hours. Glued to the chair, I enjoyed every second of this film and I know you fellow scoopers will too! The film is about a space expedition gone wrong, however it’s also about much more. Following two archeologists, Dr. Elizabeth Shaw and Dr. Charlie Holloway, the Weyland crew embarks on an adventure into enlightenment. They hope to find their makers, their version of Prometheus. Instead, they come across haunting truths and even more questions. Scott’s incredible cinematography and use of advanced graphics create a timepiece that uses the future to investigate the present.

Not only is Prometheus visually stunning, but also strong in its action. Each character on the expedition has a purpose and so the film has some entertaining character development. Dr. Elizabeth Shaw, played by Noomi Rapace, stands out as the courageous heroine. Her hope and spirit inspire the fight. While David’s false façade adds an unnerving quality to the film. We all know how essential a droid is to a space expedition, and Michael Fassbinder does not disappoint!

Of course the film carries shock, violence and fear but also delivers an intellectual punch. Prometheus is another great film for Ridley and another great film for us! Enjoy Scoopers!




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