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January can be a busy month, with our bank accounts still wailing after the festive period. We have all made resolutions, some of us bigger ones than others. However, before even beginning our resolutions properly (yes, it is okay to start resolutions later than the beginning of January), it is important for a lot of us to maintain our social lives – seeing old friends we couldn’t see over Christmas – and keeping on top of our jobs, our families and homes and more.

An aspect of our homes which can cause a lot of stress is clutter and unneeded, overflowing storage filled with paperwork or bits and bobs we have forgotten about or don’t even need. A good amount of time dedicated to de-cluttering can completely change your life (money, health and mood) by reducing anxiety and stress.

We all enjoy owning things, and buying things, and treating ourselves, but the downside to that is that we all have too much stuff and it’s not only causing physical clutter – it affects our health, productivity and mood. How?

Clutter makes us overwhelmed and disorganized

If you are constantly looking for stuff that you cannot find – then that is a problem. Too much stuff can make us feel anxious and can push into feeling like we are not in control. Add that to the daily pressure we already experience, and it may make us feel even more stressed about things we can easily fix.

Our environment affects our mood and our health

De-cluttering your home and creating an organised and more simple home environment where it is tidy and things can be found easily will make you more likely to hit the gym or eat better.

Here are ways to de-clutter your home and reduce stress

Clean out your closet. Get rid of pieces of clothes that you haven’t worn in a while, or may have even forgotten about, get rid of old underwear and socks with holes or mismatched ones. If you are on the fence with something, donate it, or contact an Anaheim moving company if you have lots to get rid of.

Organise files and documents, phone apps, inboxes and other forms of storing important information

You may think it’s good to have all this stuff in your life, but getting rid of idle items and organising the ones you do use will make you feel in control of daily activities, finances and paperwork reducing one of the biggest sources of anxiety.

Complete unfinished business

Paint that wall you started months ago, finish that room décor, send out thank you cards, make kid photo albums, finally reply to that month old email etc.

Get rid of everything that is out of order or not working properly

You would be surprised how many people hold onto small items that simply don’t work well anymore. Organize legal documents. Take the time to complete your will, put financial documents together, sort out standing orders or direct debits, or anything else that is outstanding.



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