3 Must Have Qualities in a Best Friend

Have you ever heard someone say that it’s better to have one true friend than a bunch of fake friends? We feel the same way, and we want to make sure that you know what to look for when finding that one best friend. People can seem like they’re great friends, but they can also end up treating you poorly as time goes on. So, what are some key qualities to look for when picking a friend group? Here’s just a few things that you should be able to identify in the person you’re looking to call your best friend:

1. They like you for who you are. We’ve all seen movies where the main character changes their entire appearance or personality just to fit in with a group of friends, but that’s not the right way to get close to people! A real best friend will love you for the person that you are, whether you’re low-key or extremely outgoing. They’ll join you when you sing horribly to loud music in the car or when you want to get up and dance crazy at a concert. If you’re hanging with someone who constantly gives you funny looks after you say or do things, revaluate if they’re the right friend for you.

2. You can talk to them about anything. If you’re trying to tell your friend about something that’s getting you down and they act completely uninterested, that’s a big warning that they’re doing something wrong. Your best friend should pay attention when you talk, whether you’re venting about a boy problem or just want to tell them about something cool that happened to you that day. It works both ways, too! You should want to talk to your friend as well; if you feel intimidated by them and are too afraid to tell them what’s on your mind, it might mean that you’re not as close with that friend as you may think you are.

3. They try to enjoy the same things as you do. Okay, it’s obvious that not every single pairing of friends will love all of the same things, but what’s important is that both friends understand and can appreciate the things that their friend loves. It’s totally okay to be a big fan of a TV show that your friend doesn’t watch, but it’s not okay if that friend completely disses the show when they know you like it so much. A best friend shouldn’t make fun of something that you give your all to! It’ll be hard to deal with that friend when they’re constantly bringing you down because of the things that you enjoy.

Do you guys have a friend that meets these requirements? We’d love to hear about them!

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