Rainy Day Outfit

If you’re like me, whenever it rains your mood to look cute just goes out the window. With the cloudy weather and rain pouring down you just want to wear whatever you find which most times ends up being leggings and rain boots and a hoodie maybe. Well I’m here to give you ladies some rainy day inspiration. If you’re from the NYC area like me, where its been nothing but humidity and rain or even anywhere else where it rains non stop, I bet you’re pretty much over getting dressed. I’m all about essentials and rain boots is definitely one of them. Make then funky or even simple ones, fact is, they.are.awesome.

Look simple yet chic when stepping out of the house into the gloomy weather. Be the inspiration for everyone else!

Here I started with Burberry buckled rain boots, I love my rain boots with cool patterns and for a reason, to make them the center of the outfit. I wanted to add a dark color so I went with some burgundy which is a rich color that actually stands out in the gloomy weather and matched the lipstick from Bobbi Brown in Black Berry with the AllyFashion pants. A black leather weather-proof bag which is also very classy Chanel with a bit of gold. I topped it off with a lightweight Second Female sweater and a jazzed up military jacket from Etsy to add a neutral but unexpected color. Keep jewelry to a minimum and I went with these cross earrings from TopShop.

Don’t let the rain keep you from looking fabulous!

-Flaribel B.

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