Reality TV: Chicago’s finally getting its chance to shine

With dozens of reality shows spanning different stations, it’s a big surprise that Chicago is just getting its turn in the spotlight. Shows like Mob Wives: Chicago and Chicagolicious have just begun to air and while they are spin-off shows, this is finally giving Chicago the exposure that its been needing. These new shows filmed in Chicago follow personalities from all corners of the city. Enough of L.A. and New York; here’s some uncharted territory for reality television!

Chicagolicious- A spinoff of Jerseylicious, this show takes place at AJ’s Salon in Chicago’s West Loop. With an eccentric cast and AJ, the ambitious owner, the show takes off from being just an upscale salon to (hopefully), a nationwide brand. Like Jerseylicious, the cast clashes; attends upscale events and fashion shows and promotes their salon throughout the city. Chicagolicious is on Monday nights on the Style Network; 9pmET/8pmCT

Mob Wives: Chicago- Another spinoff, this time of the original Mob Wives, the show circles five women who have family associated with the mob. Most of these women are associated to Chicago’s mob by their fathers, with one woman associated by her uncle. Quoting Chicago as the beginning of the Mob, the ladies start the show like the originals, with lots of fights and he-said, she-said. Mob Wives:Chicago is on Sunday nights on Vh1; 8pmET/7pmCT

Wiener’s Circle- Notorious for being verbally abusive to its customers, Weiner’s Circle is a hot dog stand located in Lincoln Park, one of Chicago’s popular neighborhoods. Ranging from flirty to downright abusive, customers and employees alike share the tradition while making and eating the also infamous charbroiled food, making it easy to stay open until 5 a.m. Wiener’s Circle is on Tuesday nights on TruTv; 10 pmET/9pmCT

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