4 Reasons Your Bones Are Popping

by Sarah Ruhlman

Did you know that bone health matters throughout your entire life and not just at the start and at the end? Babies need certain foods to help their bones to develop into strong and healthy ones and the elderly need to care for bones that are starting to deteriorate. However, you should be looking after your bone health, whatever your age.

If you find yourself snap, crackle and popping whenever you’re moving, then you need to learn why your bones are talking to you. Often, the popping of your bones is nothing of real concern, but it still makes sense to understand your own bone health and how you can improve it. Firstly, we have to understand why we hear those pops!

Gases: We have synovial fluid in our joints and certain movements can make the capsule of gases stretch, which then makes a pop! This is just the gases escaping and has no bearing on your overall bone health.

Tendons & Ligaments: Sometimes, the movement of the tendons in our joints can move out of place. This is usually due to lack of exercise and muscles that aren’t stretched enough. This then makes a clicking noise when you move. Morning and evening stretches can help to combat this and keep the tendons worked out.

Arthritis: Commonly in older people, arthritis can cause bone cracking. The cartilage wears too far down, causing friction where two bones rub together. Looking after your diet and vitamins can help to stave this off. Reading the AlgaeCal plant calcium clinical evidence can help you see for yourself where you can take calcium supplements for bone health. Before you decide to add anything into your diet, always get the advice of a doctor so you aren’t going to cause any unnecessary damage.

Snapping Hip Syndrome: Don’t worry, we’re not saying your hip is going to suddenly pop out of place. This is usually known as athlete’s or dancer’s hip. The tendon in the hip becomes too thick and then when you flex or stretch you’ll hear a clicking noise. Lots of stretches, Omega 3 and icing the hip can help

Most of the time, you can easily sort your bones popping without speaking to a doctor. If you choose to add supplements or you’re feeling pain, that’s when you should seek outside help. Most of the time the noises come from not being as stretched out or limber as you think, meaning all you really need to do is start and end your day by doing gentle exercises that will help to work your muscles. Eating a well-balanced, healthy diet can go a long way to improving your bone health, but don’t just rely on drinking lots of milk. That may help young children but as an adult it’s more than just milk and cheese you need!

Drink enough water through the day to reduce joint inflammation, and make a conscious effort to look after yourself. Your health matters, so you must take care of it!

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