How To Cope With a Burglary

by Sarah Ruhlman
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Being burgled is one of the most unpleasant things a homeowner can ever experience. While none of us like to think about something like this happening, it can and does happen. If you’ve been a victim of a burglary, then first of all I’m very sorry. Feeling unsafe in your own home is obviously horrible, but it won’t always be like that. Here are some tips for recovering in the aftermath of a burglary.


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First of all, acknowledge the difficult emotions you’re going through. After being burgled, your head is probably going to be a mess. There’ll be a heavy, resounding shock to begin with. You’ll naturally feel sadness from the loss of your material possessions. You’ll also be angry at the criminal who broke into the building where your partner and children sleep at night. The worst thing you can do is bottle it all up. Obviously if you’re the head of the household you should be taking action. However, if you don’t focus on the healing process a little it will only get worse. Talk to your family about your feelings, and make sure they feel comfortable to talk about theirs.

My next tip would be to up the security in your home. You may have never considered the possibility of being burgled before. Now that it’s happened though, you’ll probably feel pretty uneasy about it happening again. You can ease your mind and that of your family somewhat by buying some more security measures. Burglars may be malicious, but they’re no more stupid than me or you. Getting some high-quality and visible locks from Yale will help to deter them somewhat. Visible burglar alarms are another good way to deter thieves. If you really want to lessen the risk of break-ins, you might want to look at CCTV systems from Security Camera King. Nothing can turn back the clock and stop the burglary from happening. However, taking precautions can certainly make it easier to come to terms with.

Finally, make a point to get back into the regular routine of things. Any kind of emotional pain takes some time to recover from. However, if you’re left to sit around and stew in your own thoughts, you may end up spiralling further and further into negativity. Bad things happen, but life goes on. Try to move with it as much as you can. Get back to work as soon as possible. Make some plans to meet with your friends somewhere you all love to go. Encourage your partner and kids to get back to their routines soon as well. Obviously, if you’re really too shaken to operate like you used to, then take some more time to recover. However, the sooner you can get back to business as usual, the sooner more pleasant things will come up to brush over the burglary.

While the best writer in the world couldn’t make everything okay with words, I hope this advice makes your recovery a little easier. Burglaries are horrible, but there’s very little a close family can’t work through together.


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