Tips for Removing Nail Polish from Fabrics

Remove Nail Polish from Fabric
We’ve all had a nail polish spill sometime in our lives. But have we all known how to properly clean that spill up? Maybe not. Here are some tips to remove nail polish from fabric and other materials:

Read the Clothing Label. If your stained article of clothing contains a fiber content of acetate, triacetate or modacrylic your best bet is to take it to the dry cleaner. Nail polish is already difficult to remove and using standard nail polish remover will ruin your garment if it contains these materials.

Try Acetone. After you’ve checked the label to make sure acetone nail polish remover won’t ruin your fabric, try removing the nail polish with acetone using a towel. You’ll want the towel to absorb the excess nail polish and acetone.

Use Rubbing Alcohol. If using acetone fails you, then try some rubbing alcohol. You can use this with a cotton ball and dab the stain to remove the color. Then wash the garment or fabric as usual.

Take it to the Cleaners. If all else fails, place your garment in the hands of a professional. They’ll know much more about removing a stain with ease and precision than perhaps you do.

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