How to Dress For a Rock and Roll Concert


Going to a rock n roll concert is a great way to have fun and listen to some awesome music. You want to wear something that will allow you to do that in the most comfortable and stylish way. Let’s start off with a pair of jeans. You can dress them up, dress them down and wear almost anything on top. Try going for a pair in gray to switch it up a little. Wearing gray on the bottom is the perfect way to wear black on top. It’ll most likely be night time, and black gives off a rock n roll vibe! Have fun with your shirt choice and pick a funky pattern or fringe style like the one pictured.

Concerts are a great time to try some unconventional styles you wouldn’t necessarily wear during the day.  You’ll probably be moving around a bit during it, dancing and having fun with friends. Your shoe choice is key for having a comfortable and fun night. I’d suggest staying away from the heels and going with a great combat boot or even a trendy sneaker. You’ll look cute and your feet will thank you later! You should have fun with your accessories as well. Try a feather earring or a funky hoop and pile on the rings and bracelets! Because this is a concert, you’ll want to have a small bag that can stay close to your body. Stick with the crossbody style, but try it in a studded or spiked pattern.


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