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Most girls are all too familiar with the rush of excitement that comes with opening the seal of a newly purchased lipstick. As you roll up the lipstick, you imagine looking just as fierce as Beyonce, or as classy as Emma Stone. Your inner fashionista is jumping with impatience; you’re going to look like a million bucks! Why wouldn’t you? You bought the all-new and totally hot color of the season!  Your friends will all nod in approval, and boys will be lining up in the yard without the presence of any milkshake. All in all, it’s going to be a good day…or at least that’s what you thought.

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The reality is that for many girls, finding the right lip hue is a series of dead ends. Girls have numerous lipsticks going unused and stacking up in their makeup drawer simply because they don’t have the slightest idea about what works best for them. Even if it is the “all-new and totally hot color of the season,” it isn’t necessarily going to be the hot color for you.

Because your lip shade can make or break your look within a matter of seconds, make sure you’re rocking the right one by following these guidelines:

Go natural when trying out lip shades. Having makeup on your skin is distracting and can be deceiving as to how a color will actually look on your lips. Finding the right lip color is all about seeing what’s works best for your natural skin tone. Don’t be all dolled up when testing out different hues because even the most perfect lip shade can look horrendous paired with the wrong makeup.

Stay close to your natural lip color. The most attractive colors on your lips will be those that are only a shade or two lighter or darker than your natural lip color. Light/fair skinned girls will be wise to avoid chocolate and burgundy shades for their lips. Instead, go for coral, nude, light apricot colors, or anything with a pink undertone. A rosy, light mauve, coral or berry color, can do a lot for those with medium/warm skin tones. Watch out for brown or straight up purple shades however! Girls with dark skin can rock a large expanse of lip hues, with the exception of anything with a white undertone. Wear deep plum and chocolate shades for more subtle lips, or throw on orange/pink shades for fun dramatic lips!

Consider the shape of your lips. A girl’s lips can be her biggest physical asset. When buying your new lipstick or lip gloss, think about the shape of your lips. If you have thin lips, then buying dark colors (even those that are flattering for your skin tone) is only going to make them look thinner. Instead, try shopping for a flattering light-medium lip hue that comes as a tinted lip gloss or creamy lipstick, to create thicker and fuller looking lips. The same reasoning can be used for girls that feel conscious about their thick lips. Instead of opting for lighter and glossier lips, find flattering darker colors to downplay the thickness of your lips.

Remember that red is always an option. Besides being a classic, red is universally attractive on all skin tones. If you want to break away from your everyday lip hue, but don’t like the particular colors suggested for your skin tone, go red! The key to looking good in red is to focus in on the undertones. Girls with light/fair skin will look best in some cherry red variation. Fire engine red is perfect for olive/warm skinned girls, and a deep/dark red selection works great for girls with dark skin. Regardless of what undertone, red is both trendy and hot, so use it to your advantage!

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