Ross Event & Giveaway #RossDressForLess


I was recently invited to a special grand opening event for Ross.  They are opening up multiple location in the Kansas City area.  Ross is all about getting great deals on fabulous fashion.  According to their website, “At Ross expect to find designer and brand name fashions for men, women, kids and home at everyday savings of 20-70% compared to department and specialty stores.”

I was lucky enough to meet some of the fabulous people who work for Ross.  They were so nice and friendly.  Ross treated me and a some other Kansas City bloggers to breakfast, a quick tour of the Ross store and a $50 gift card to shop with.  This was the first time I had ever shopped at Ross, but it won’t be my last. 🙂 With my $50 gift card I was able to pick up a super cute business casual red dress, some lepoard print jeans and a sweater dress.

Ross has a lot of new stores opening.  You can head over here and see if there is one in your area.

The lovely people at Ross also wanted to treat my readers to something special.  One lucky Sarah Scoop reader will win a $25 gift card to Ross.  I can’t wait to hear what kind of great deals you can find.:)

Enter to win a $25 Ross gift card!

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  1. Michelle P. says

    Thank you for the chance!

  2. katy miller says

    Love the giveawys

  3. Elis B. says

    Nice giveaway.

  4. MC Chau says

    Ross is one of my favorite stores! I loved visiting especially when I was right out of college and needed a new wardrobe quick! Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Hannah C says

    Cool prize! I LOVE Ross!

  6. Auri Lae says

    I was surprised at how great Ross’s maternity section was when I was buying clothes this summer!

  7. Cindy A. says

    I love Ross! Thank you so much for offering such a generous giveaway.

  8. angie says

    I love Ross! I always find something there.

  9. Starr Greenwell says

    I love Ross, hope I win

  10. Chrissy Nestor says

    I love Ross! They have great items at great prices.

    chrissylea1979 (at)gmail(dot) com

  11. Mya Murphy says

    Ross is awesome!!! Thank you for offering this!!!

  12. joni says

    I just got my daughter a Superman shirt yesterday at Ross.

  13. Amanda K. says

    I absolutely love Ross!

  14. Amy Lee says

    I love Ross!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. Nicole L. says

    I like the home decor items.

  16. Sue Hull says

    My daughter & I love Ross. We have one about 10 minutes away. They have some really great prices.Thank you for the great giveaway! 🙂

  17. Deb C says

    We have a Ross store that opened a few months ago here but I have not visited it yet. I would love to go there with this gift card.

  18. dani marie says

    i am a huge fan of ross!


  19. tracey byram says

    I LOVE shopping at Ross. It’s like a thrift store but everything is new.

  20. Tari Lawson says

    I love Ross.

  21. jessica edwards says

    love ross!

  22. Hope Unterschuetz says

    Excited about this Ross giveaway!

  23. Kelly D says

    I would like to get a new cardigan at Ross. Thanks!

  24. Jill McHale says

    Great giveaway! I love Ross! They always have great deals!

  25. Mary Casper says

    i love ross thanks for the chance

  26. Emily says

    A new Ross is opening in my area soon. This would be great.

  27. Kate F. says

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  28. Thu says


  29. Katy says

    I love Ross! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  30. juliette moire says

    i love ross’ they have some great deals 🙂

  31. jennifer says

    i love ross!

  32. Katherine says

    I like Ross, In July I bought three great dresses that were a great price and flattered me

  33. Madeline says

    Great giveaway!

  34. Adrienne gordon says

    Thank you.

  35. Cindi Decker says

    I love Ross. You can get some great deals there.

  36. julie c says

    Thanks for the chance to win !

  37. McKim says

    I had never been in Ross until this summer, but found several things I “needed” on my first visit!

  38. carol says

    I love Ross…thanks for the great contest

  39. Patrice says

    Thank you for the giveaway. I have found some great bargains at Ross.

  40. Jordyn says

    Love Ross! They have the cutest dresses!

  41. Tara says

    Ross just opened up in my town! Would love to get some bargains there 🙂

  42. Katherine says

    I have never shopped in one but there is one less than 50 miles from my home have to check it out

  43. Karry says

    Thanks for the giveaway! I love shopping at ross.

  44. Melissa Belle says

    My family loves shopping at Ross, they have such awesome bargains.

    sweetmelbelle31 at yahoo dot com

  45. Elena says

    thank you for the giveaway!

  46. Nycole K says

    this would be great for holiday shopping.

  47. Kiara says

    I would love to win this!

  48. Suzanne M says

    ROSS is my favorite store to shop for clothes!

  49. Elizabeth says

    This sounds like fun! 🙂

  50. Desiree Dunbar says

    I like this giveaway.

  51. Trevor says

    My wife would be thrilled with this. She is a huge fan of Ross

  52. L Brenner says

    Just went there for the first time and loved it!

  53. Candace M says

    This would help with my fall clothing.

  54. Maureen says

    This would be a help in shopping for a gift for my husband for our anniversary next month or for Christmas.

  55. EDRIE says

    Love Ross and thank you for having this giveaway.

  56. Alicia Keen says

    GREAT giveaway!!!

  57. Dagmara Hawkins says

    I love to shop at ROss

  58. Lisa M. says

    Thanks for the giveaway! Sorry I missed you at this event!

  59. mystro.sense says

    great giveaway! entering mainly for my mother, she never stay out of this store.

  60. Shannon says

    Thank you! I love Ross!

  61. Gilbert S says

    thanks for the giveaway

  62. Claire says

    Thanks a ton.

  63. soha molina says

    love Ross

  64. Trudy says

    Thanks for the giveaway. Fingers crossed.

  65. Jessie C. says

    I like getting shoes at Ross

  66. Russell Moore says

    thanks for the chance. Ross is a great store.

  67. kimberlyloc says

    Hope I win! So glad I got to meet you at the shopping event 🙂 xo

  68. LaShonda Woodard says

    I am very excited about Ross coming to our area. I giftcard would be great!

  69. Secret Burkheiser says

    I love Ross!!

  70. amanda mccafferty says

    I can’t wait to shop at Ross! A giftcard would make it even better!

  71. Jen Haile says

    I’m a big Ross fan! Thanks for the giveaway!

  72. Laurie Harrison says

    I recently started shopping at Ross. I moved to a town that has one. I found so many nice things for the kitchen and budget priced. Just starting over after husband of 20 years up and left me stranded. I am amazed at the low prices and the Lord knows I don’t have extra to spend. I am impressed with Ross.

  73. Aimee Fontenot says

    I love Ross so much! It’s really the only place I shop for clothes. It’s hard to find affordable things that fit me right at other stores, but Ross always has great things.

  74. john mains says

    ross is great for inexpensive, nice clothing

  75. Anastasia says

    This is a great prize 🙂 I could use some winter clothes! 🙂

  76. Heather Wone says

    Thank you for this giveaway!!

  77. Ronda Patrick says

    Love Ross! Great prize, thanks for posting!

  78. gala says

    I love Ross, every time we shop — like a treasure hunt

  79. Tara says

    Thanks for this great giveaway! We love Ross!

  80. Kerry says

    Love Ross!

  81. Natalia says

    I love Ross this would be great, X-mas is coming!!

  82. Katharine Davis says

    Love Ross, such great selection and styles

  83. Theresa M says

    I love Ross and they are about the only store around where I live that have my son’s shoe size 16 and they don’t charge an arm and a leg to buy them. Keep up the great work Ross. Thanks for the giveaway. 🙂

  84. Heather Poindexter says

    Ive never shopped there before hope i win so I cantry them out.

  85. Linda Lansford says

    ross is a fun store

  86. michelle bryan says

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  87. Angie Adelman says

    I thank you so much for this very nice giveaway….Good luck to everyone

  88. Sonya says


  89. vanessa richard says

    i love ross thanks for the giveaway

  90. Kelsi says

    Thanks for the giveaway! I love shopping at Ross.

  91. Amanda says

    Thanks for a great giveaway- I love Ross stores!!

  92. DeeAnn S says

    Ross is one of my favorite stores! They have everything and at great prices. Thanks.

  93. Leslie L. Stanziani says

    I love shopping at Ross.I have scored some great deals there before.

  94. Cody Anderson says

    Awesome giveaway

  95. Maya TheBee says

    Thanks for the sweet giveaway!

  96. Ciara B. says

    thanks for the giveaway 🙂 love ross!

  97. Helen says

    I love Ross

  98. Pamela Halligan says

    Ross is one of my favorite stores. Thanks for the giveaway.

  99. Sandy V. says

    This Ross GC would help with my Christmas shopping.

  100. Jackie Griebel says

    Thanks for the giveaway

  101. Beth Ann says

    Thank you for the giveaway! Yayy 🙂 I love Ross!

  102. Tim says

    Thank you for the opportunity

  103. Bonnigene says

    My girls love Ross and would love to be able to go shopping.

  104. Amy Peschel says

    Great prize!

  105. Holly C. says

    love Ross! thanks for the chance!

  106. Katrina says

    Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  107. Jaclyn Reynolds says

    Oooh, I’d love to go shopping there!!

  108. Erica C. says

    Great giveaway! Thanks 🙂

  109. Katie says

    I love Ross!

  110. Stefanie Gladden ( ann lyfe ) says

    thanks for the great giveaway

  111. tiffany lane says

    Thanks for the contest

  112. Sunshine G says

    Could always use some new clothes!

  113. Tamra H says

    A Ross just opened up near me, and I’m excited to check it out. Thanks for the chance to win!

  114. Karen M says

    There are a couple of great Ross stores near me and I can always find some awesome deals. Thanks

  115. Heather S says

    I love Ross and always find great deals

  116. Kylie C says

    I love Ross! I get all my shirts there since they have such a variety.

  117. Rich Hicks says

    love Ross….thx for giveaway!

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  118. Valerie Taylor mabrey says

    This would be great
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  119. Wendy says

    I always find great nail polish at Ross!

  120. Lauren says

    Ross shopping is always an adventure! There homegoods section has some real steals

  121. lisa phillips(Golden Storm) says

    thank you so much for the chance hope to win 🙂

  122. sarah c says

    Ross is my favorite place to shop!

  123. liz lew says

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  124. Cynthia L says

    I love Ross for kids clothes.

  125. Tamra says

    thanks for the chance

  126. zene says

    I love ross!

  127. Juliann Newton says

    Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  128. Jennifer says

    I like buying my work clothes at Ross!

  129. Jessica Vaughan Gengler says

    Would love to win!

  130. bell says

    I love ross..they have some cute stuff!

  131. tamatha hunter says

    it is always fun to go to ross, you never know what you will find.

  132. Tonya Fullenkamp says

    Thank you for the giveaway.

  133. Cathy Burnett says

    I love ROSS and shop there quite frequently. Thanks for the giveaway.

  134. Carol F says

    Thanks for the chance, a new Ross just opened up near me.

  135. Karen says

    I love shoe week at Ross. Thanks for the giveaway.

  136. Kayla says

    I love Ross! Thanks for the giveaway!

  137. Pauline M says

    Ross is great! I always find something fun there!

  138. bn100 says

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  139. David says

    Thanks for the opportunity

  140. Sarah Whiteford says

    Love it!!!

  141. McKenzie McClanahan says

    Ross is one of my favorites! I love the great prices! thanks for the giveaway!

  142. Carolsue says

    Ross is one of my favorite stores! Thanks for the giveaway!

  143. Jennifer R says

    I learned that there is a Ross store 2.79 miles away from my location.
    reejen at comcast dot net

  144. Crystal F says

    I love getting my daughter camis at Ross. thank you!!

  145. Karen Savage says

    Me and my kids shopped Ross a few days ago and found some good deals. We love shopping at Ross, it’s one of my favorite stores.

  146. Amy DeLong says

    one just opened very close to me!

  147. Cindy says

    I love Ross!

  148. Roxann says

    We just got a Ross store in the area. I would love to win this.

  149. Heidi says

    I just love all the wonderful and unique things you can find at Ross, and at great prices too!

  150. MISSY SCHUTZ says

    Love Ross,TY:)

  151. Stephanie A says

    Thanks for the giveaway, I love looking for great deals at Ross!

  152. Lyndsey R. says

    Thanks for the chance! They just opened a Ross like 2 miles from my house 🙂

    lyndsey.rullman at hotmail dot com

  153. James V says

    I would like to win.

  154. Virginia Rowell says

    I love ross and I sure could use some new clothes!

  155. Becca says

    Ross is perfect for clothes for my growing toddler!

  156. Marie Darrer says

    Love to shop at Ross!!

    Em Darr

  157. Jessica Ingram says

    i love ross! 🙂 thank you for the great giveaway

  158. Alaine says

    Thanks for the chance!

  159. Mike says

    A very useful giveaway! My daughters are of the age to appreciate gift cards

  160. Mike says

    A very useful giveaway! Clothes for the kids!

  161. colleen boudreau says

    Thank you!! 🙂
    holliister at gmail dot com

  162. cheryl says

    ross just opened near us – can’t wait to check them out

  163. Angela H says

    I love Ross!

  164. Robert Pyszk says

    I love the clothes at Ross

  165. Lynda Del says

    I would love to win this! Thanks for the chance!

  166. stony says

    I love ross, great place for kids clothes

  167. Dana says

    Thank you for the chance to win!

  168. Brittney House says

    I love ross. They have great deals

  169. carol lewis says

    Ross is really my favorite store. Their prices are great and they have great clothing. This would be great to use for Christmas presents for the kids.

  170. Lisa Fonseca says

    We have a Ross just down the street, my whole family loves to shop there.

    lisando at

  171. Cheryl Reinhardt says

    I love to shop at Ross, thanks for the Contest!!!

  172. Ashley Hatten says

    thanks for the giveaway! I love Ross’ home decor section 🙂

  173. Harriett Daniel says

    I can always find a great deal at Ross!

  174. lisa lo says

    Ross is my fave store for clothing
    and more.

  175. domestic diva says

    Thanks for the chance.

  176. Angela W says

    I would love to win this, thanks for the chance!

  177. Donna L says

    Great prize. Thank you for this giveaway!

  178. Katie says

    I love Ross, I always find the best gifts there.

  179. melissa Resnick says

    i love ross

  180. Christie says

    I love Ross for clothes and unique gifts.

  181. Lindsey M says

    This would be great – I really need some new sweaters for this winter!

  182. Wendy Pence says

    Love Ross stores! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  183. Sand says

    I love shopping at Ross!

  184. Jaque R. says

    I love Ross! I have one very close. 🙂 Thank you.

  185. Michelle f says

    Thanks for this!

  186. Linda Y. says

    Need to check out Ross!

  187. Trisha McKee says

    Ross is awesome! Took my daughter there for school shopping!

  188. Tammy Greer says

    Ross is a great place to shop. My friend works there.

  189. Heather R says

    I would love the opportunity to go shopping at Ross!

  190. julie hawkins says

    thanks for the giveaway!

  191. holly says

    thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  192. Amy Carlson says

    Thanks for the giveaway! Happy shopping!

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