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Scandinavian design long embraced by Europeans is making its way into American homes and soon you’ll want in on this trend. Scandinavian décor is a mélange of trends from Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden and the epitome clean and simple design. It is sleek, playing up to the natural elements and keeping to neutral tones, yet still inviting through its minimalist and highly functional décor. It creates a peaceful, zen-like feeling as soon as you enter the room, but it can also be easily accessorized like no other décor because of its color palette. It is no wonder that this darling of decors has made a convert out of anyone who comes in contact with it leaving them to desire every furniture piece and home accessory they see and get them excited about a redecorating project for their living space.

Thinking about redecorating here are some decorating tenets to consider before embarking on your journey with Scandinavian décor.

Less is more

Since you’re now packing your space with highly functional furniture means you probably need less types of it. Make sure there are clear pathways to allow your space stays light and airy.

Light is key

Natural light is the preference, but if that is not possible investing in some great lighting to radiate the white walls and natural wood will give your space the look brightness it needs.

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Massow Design’s Hemmesphere Lighting line available through Crowdy House can give you some of that artificial yet bright lighting needed to highlight your décor.

Neutral tones

White dominates this type of décor, but it doesn’t mean it needs to look antiseptic and cold like hospital corridors. Blending white with natural woods and pops of color will give your space a calm and bright feel.

Use of textiles

Use light fabrics so they don’t weight down the upbeat and airy feel of the furniture. Limit the number of patterned and bright colored accessories to just a few to make a room pop. Select items that can be utilized for their maximum impact, like a bold rug that can ties the room together. As a next step, only add a few more smaller pops of color, before rounding out the room in more neutral tone accent pieces and textiles.

Scandinavian designed furniture and accessories were once hard to find and even harder to get. Not true anymore. Many designers have been inspired and are creating their own lines of minimalist, neutral, and calming furniture and décor. Here are a few true and Scandinavian-inspired pieces to think about getting for your living space.

3. Pic 2.755

3-Drawer DresserMagnus VaseWrapped CanvasMedia Console

Hans Wegner Chair –   Ottoman   – Samford Desk –   Kelim Rug

Still want more? Here are some Scandinavian home décor websites……

Bolia —   By Mölle —   Ferm Living —   Finn Style —  Finnish Design Shop

 Harabu House —   Huset   —   Kontrast   —   Just Scandinavian

….and some Scandinavian-inspired home furnishings websites.

All Modern —   Crowdy House   —   Dwell Studio

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