The Scoop on America’s Next Top Model Arreyon Ford

by Kayla Reed

Arreyon Ford is on this season of America’s Next Top Model. She has done various amounts of work with television production and runway including walking in New York Fashion Week 2017 for various designers. Her biggest goal is to instill morale and being that she is well rounded within the industry, she wants to further pass on her knowledge and skills by mentoring and guiding the students at BESTalent Group.

1. What inspired you to become a model?
 That’s a great question. I have always been told my whole life that I should model solely because I was tall. When I was in high school I did my first fashion which was a Fall mall show for Michael Kors. The energy was amazing which prompted me to keep going and ending up where I am now.
2. What was your experience like on America’s Next Top Model?
My experience on America’s Next Top Model was a very life changing experience and it was the best opportunity for me in the moment. Through the show I learned so much about myself and the industry and it created a bigger drive in my pursuit to be a better model and artist.
3. How did being on the show change your life?
Being on the show changed my life because it created a larger platform for me and helped create the fan base I have now.
4. Is there any kind of modeling you wouldn’t do?
The only kind of modeling I wouldn’t do is Playboy because it’s too raunchy and it requires too much.
5. Do you have a favorite photo shoot you’ve done?
Yes, my favorite photo shoot was with photographer Dong Nguyen for designer Xuan Bui Couture. I did a spread with them for Vietnamese Fashion Week. It was incredible and I’ll never forget it.
6. What are you currently doing now?
 I am currently in the process of developing myself more as an artist and will be releasing my first project  “Welcome to the Staurm” which will be coming out very soon. I am also working at The BESTalent Group working as a modeling coach, helping to instill self confidence and integrity in our students. I love being able to use my experiences I’ve had in the industry good or bad to help guide our students on their path into the modeling world.
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7. What is your nutrition like to keep your figure? Any go-to favorites?
My health is VERY important to me. I am a vegetarian and work out twice a day. My go to favorites are definitely peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and french fries. I could live off them! Also, I drink A LOT of Alkaline water. Water is very important to keep your body fresh and hydrated.
8. What do your workouts consist of?
My workouts consists mostly of sit ups, squats, and light weight lifting.
9. What’s your favorite quote?
My favorite quote is  “Peace, Love & Storm” which is actually my own personal motto I came up with which means to me, to live in peace and love throughout all storms.
10. What advice would you give to an aspiring model?
The main advice I would give to an aspiring model, which is what I tell our students at The BESTalent Group all the time is DON’T take “you can’t” as an answer, because “you can’t” is bull. You can do whatever you put your heart and mind to.
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