The Scoop on Country Singer Deidre Thornell

by Sarah Scoop

From writing songs and woking on her EP, to taking Nashville by storm, Deidre Thornell is the one to watch on the country music scene. Check out our exclusive Q&A with her and find out more about her creative music, new EP, and her advice for anyone wanting to pursuit their own dreams!

1. When did you first know that music was your passion?

It wasn’t an epiphany per say, it’s more like music is just a part of me and who I’ve always been… My mom says when I was 2 years old pushing me in the grocery cart, I always sang along to the music playing in the grocery store and I was always aware when music was playing. I grew up mesmerized of music videos that were always playing on GAC, CMT and MTV. It’s absolutely a part of who I am.

2. Were your friends and family supportive of your love of music?

Always – especially my mom. I think a few family members thought I would grow out of it, and I don’t think they realized until I finally moved to Nashville that my music career isn’t just a dream I’ve been chasing, it’s my life and I’m in this for the long hall.

3. Songwriting appears to be very important to you. What draws you to writing your own music?

Songwriting is a skill that can be acquired by anyone. Some people just have more of a gifted ability to skillfully craft songs. For me, songwriting is an outlet. The fact that I get to write songs and share the ‘story behind a song’ is what songwriting is all about. The fact I get to write country songs and share it with others is just a bonus.

4. How do you continue to find inspiration for your songs?

I listen. I’m very perceptive when it comes to writing. I make little notes in my phone when I think of a hook or when I think of a situation that could lead to a good song. Then I can always go back to it when I have my write sessions.

5. I see on your website that you have competed in various competitions and worked different jobs where you could sing and perform. Was it hard to find these opportunities?

No, opportunities are always out there, you just have to apply the effort and hard work to make it happen.

6. Which of these experiences did you find to be the most beneficial to your future career?

Without question, the Country Showdown. I learned so much when I was performing there. I was able to really see the big picture of my music career and see more than a few faces in the crowd. That’s the feeling that I strive for every day.

7. What has it been like picking up and moving to Nashville?

Granted, I had been planning this move for a while, it was all about timing. It was hard and stressful, but very exciting. When I finally got here and moved in –I had a tough time understanding why I was having such a difficult time. I put those feelings, thoughts and hardships in this album everyone will hear on July 21!

8. If you had one thing to recommend for people visiting the city, what would it be?

I would absolutely recommend the Nash Trash Tour. I’m not sure I have ever had so much fun. My best friend came to visit after I first moved here and as a joke, we thought it would be fun, but it was so memorable and we got an ab workout.

9. How has the move helped you get closer to your goals?

I have gotten to focus more on songwriting, which was a goal for me and now a year later I’m putting out this album. It’s pretty incredible. I write every day, and can’t wait to show everyone the next set of songs. It’s exciting that I’m finally able to release this EP but everyone should know that there is a lot more music that I will continue to release over time.

10. You are releasing your new EP on July 21st. How are you feeling about the upcoming release?

Thankful. Excited. Nervous. Relieved. But, most of all proud. I’m also so grateful to have the support and following that has grown throughout the past year. Also, having a great team of amazing people surrounding me has been the biggest blessing.

11. What influenced you most when working on the music for the new EP?

My move to Nashville. Meeting all new faces and cultivating new friendships definitely has a part of this album. Growing up in Texas my entire life and uprooting to grow new roots in Nashville was hard. I was always thinking back on all my friends, family and good times I had there, and trying to figure out how to apply myself in Nashville the same way.

12. What are your plans after releasing the EP?

I have grown my catalog of songs, so now it’s time to hit the road and see how everyone is responding to my new music. Of course, this takes time to get together, but I’m so pumped to tour and promote the EP. I’ll keep writing and would love to release a second half to this album sometime next year.

13. Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years?

I would love to say successfully touring on the road. I’d like to have achieved “Breakout Artist of the Year” – and I am currently working very hard towards that.

14. Who have you looked up to throughout this entire experience/ Who are the most influential people in your life?

Without a doubt, I look up to my mom. She is a strong, independent lady that chases after what she wants, and if necessary, doesn’t take no for an answer – I see a lot of her in myself. I am so thankful for my mentors that I can go to when I need guidance/advice on making certain. My family and friends in Texas – I feel all your love and support and can’t thank all of you enough for that.

15. If you had one piece of advice for anyone else who wishes to pursuit their dreams, no matter what they are, what would it be?

Like all my successful mentors told me, and I feel the same advice applies to all:

Hard work + Determination + Consistency = Success

There are other factors like timing, luck, opportunities…etc, but determination to follow through on the hard work to make it consistent on a daily basis, it’s hard to beat the odds of success.

You can keep up with Deidre through her Facebook, Website, and Instagram. Also be sure to checkout her new EP, titled Dallas!

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