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Danit Peleg is an innovator, designer, and entrepreneur! Her goal is to democratize fashion by using technology and 3D printing. Learn more about what she is doing and how she is changing the world!


You are a fashion designer who uses 3D printing! Can you tell our readers what you do and how you first started all of this?

I have always been interested in special textiles. I have focused on making unique textiles throughout the years, and especially looked for ways to combine new technologies and fashion. I did an internship at a fashion house in New York and their collection included two 3D printed dresses that I worked on. The dresses were amazing, but were made out of hard plastics using industrial printers. The models couldn’t sit with the dresses and the dresses scratched their underarms.  I know that the key property for textiles is for it to be soft, so for my graduate collection I decided to research the field and try to print this collection from my home.

What were you up to before starting this business?

I was a fashion student at Shenkar Fashion School in Tel Aviv, Israel. I was also the founder of an after-school fashion course for girls aged 7-13 where I taught arts, crafts, the basics for fashion design, and also 3D printing in the years that my school was open. I got the chance to work with around three hundred girls there and it was inspiring.

What is your favorite creation? Can you explain to us how you first thought of the design of it and why it’s your favorite?

This red colored jacket that I made is probable my favorite item. I am emotionally attached to it because it was the first garment I ever printed. It was also my most challenging piece. I learned everything I know about 3D printing while working on it. On the back it says “LIBERTE” which means “freedom” in French. I choose this word because I felt freedom through being able to design a garment from my home and then print it by myself.

What is the overall vision for your designs with 3D printing and how do you plan on expanding from here?

I believe it’s only a matter of time until we see faster printers and more wearable materials. If the technology does improve significantly, then I believe this could be the future of the fashion industry. The benefits are huge: less shipping costs, more personalization, and most importantly, the democratization of design. Anyone could design clothes. Just like a viral video, you could see a “viral t-shirt” that someone designed and that everyone is suddenly wearing.

What would you say to someone who might not understand how 3D printing and fashion go together?

Technology is becoming part of every aspect in our life, so I think it’s only a matter of time until our clothes will become digital as well.

Why is being creative important when it comes to up and coming technology?

It’s important because pure technology is not enough. We need to make it accessible and usable for our target market. That’s why design and creativity are so important when creating products that use new technologies.

Have you experienced any backlash as a strong woman within the technology industry?

I haven’t experienced backlash yet. Technology industry is male-dominated and you’d expect I would encounter sexism in my journey, but I actually found that this was not an issue and people are even more interested in helping a young woman solve a technology challenge.

As someone who wants to have it all, it’s sometimes difficult to figure out the right balance in life. Is it difficult for you to balance you career and personal life?

In the past year, I travelled a lot to present my collection.  At one point, I had traveled to three different countries in only one month. I found that sometimes it’s very difficult to balance between achieving your dreams and goals and still being a good friend or a good daughter. Someone once told me that it’s very lonely being on top of the world, but I also believe that if your friends really care about you, they will understand and they will be supportive. I know it’s possible to balance between the two worlds and it’s important to make that balance a priority.

What advice would you give to women who are hesitant to stepping outside the box?

I recommend focusing on working on amazing projects and then sharing your story and ideas with the world. Creating value is the best motivation.

 Do you have any final thoughts that you want to inspire our readers with?

My father always told me that those who don’t take risks, don’t drink champagne. So take risks!


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