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When season 20 of The Bachelor began, Bachelor Nation was in shock that a pair of beautiful, blonde, identical twins were going to be competing for the same man, Ben Higgins. However, Emily and Haley Ferguson insist that the experience only made them stronger. The Bachelor, as we all know, is an emotional roller coaster for everyone involved. The contestants don’t have cell phones and aren’t able to contact their friends or family when things get hard. Luckily, the Fergie twins had each other. “A lot of people were very confused by us going on the show together but it was really good for us,” Emily explained in a recent interview with “I feel like it made us push each other to open up. We would get very anxious, but we were able to help each other through things like that.”

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After surviving the first several weeks of group dates and even one-on-one dates, Bachelor Nation had grown accustom to the twins and their role on the show. You could always count on the Fergie twins to say exactly what America was thinking, and we loved them for that. However, only one woman stands in the end, and our hearts were on the line along with theirs when Ben took the girls on an unconventional two-on-one date to see their mother at their home in Las Vegas. At the end of the date, there was more of a connection between Ben and Emily, so he kept her on the show and left Haley at home. “When we got to the point that we were opening up more and starting to get feelings, Ben sent Haley home and that allowed me to open up a lot more once she was gone. We were able to be more independent once we were separated.” Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 9.56.02 AM

The Ferguson twins are typical American sweethearts and have quite the personalities. Read more about their experiences on The Bachelor, their funniest embarrassing moments, and even their history with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders tv show in the Q&A below. You can keep up with them by following them on social media.



Q & A with Emily and Haley Ferguson

Where do you call home?

 Las Vegas, Nevada.

What were you involved in growing up?

 We grew up doing a ton of dance, ballet, jazz, Irish tap dancing, and then we were competitive cheerleaders.

What is your family like?

Our family is really close. Our dad lives in Chicago and we still live at home with our mom in Vegas. She’s like the most amazing person in the world. Our mom would go and sit at every dance class. She’d drive us to dance and cheer all the time and would just sit outside and wait for us to be done. She’s our biggest fan and our #1 supported. We also have an older brother who’s 26 and he’s also very involved in our lives.

What’s your favorite embarrassing story about each other?

Emily: When you’re in cheerleading this is kind of bound to happen but I was a base at one point and Haley was a flyer and we were doing a stunt and when she came down, my hand got stuck underneath her shirt. So I like, flashed her boobies to the whole cheer team. She was completely devastated and was just bawling her eyes out. It was kind of funny, but I guess it wasn’t to her because she was so embarrassed.

Haley: I think my favorite embarrassing story about Emily is also from cheer. We had our funniest moments when we were cheerleaders. Emily was a base and she was stunting a girl and I guess her stunt group was telling jokes or something because she put this girl in the air and then she just started peeing her pants because they were laughing so hard. I just remember her running out of the cheer class and she was wearing grey shorts so it was hilarious.Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 10.11.41 AM

What college did you attend? What was your major?

After high school we attended UNLV for 2 and a half years and we studied elementary education.

What did you do prior to The Bachelor?

We did the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders TV show in 2012-2013 but before that we were just cocktail servers and we were really focused on making that team and being NFL cheerleaders.

Did you cheer in college?

We didn’t cheer in college because we really focused on auditioning for the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. We put a lot of time and effort into dance classes and focusing on that aspect in college. When we auditioned for the Cowboys we didn’t even want to be on the TV show, we genuinely went because we wanted to be on the team so badly.

So how did you end up on the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders show?

 When we submitted our application to audition the production company called us and offered us a spot. We were so excited because we thought it was a sign that we were going to make it.

What were the greatest challenges of that show?

When they offered us a spot on the show we thought maybe it would increase our chances of making it. Obviously it didn’t, and honestly I think it caused us more stress. Instead of learning the routines or focusing on cheerleading, we had to worry about interviewing and things like that.

Have you considered trying out for other professional squads?

We’ve auditioned for the Charger girls and the LA Laker girls.


Who inspired you to go on The Bachelor?

Our mom inspired us to go on The Bachelor. We know they always pick amazing guys to go on The Bachelor and out here in Vegas it’s so hard to meet a nice guy. They’re all party boys that stay out way too late and drink a lot of alcohol and gamble. So we decided it’d be nice to go on the show and meet a good guy with morals and who comes from a good family and who wants to actually be in a relationship. We thought The Bachelor would be good for us so we both thought we should take that opportunity.

What was the most challenging aspect of The Bachelor?

The most challenging aspect was being able to be comfortable. We’d walk into a room and it’s filled with 27 absolutely amazingly beautiful women. You go in thinking you’re confident and then you see those women and you’re like, shit. It’s hard to be yourself and open up in front of the cameras and not be nervous when you see Ben because you can’t help but compare yourself to the other women there.

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How did The Bachelor impact your personal life?

Our personal life is still very the same. We’ve had the same group of friends since pretty much elementary school and it’s basically “no new friends” for us. We’ve had the same friends that support us and that love us and they’re just so good to us. They always encourage us to follow our dreams and they’re such great friends.

Has your life gone back to normal since being such a focal point of the show?

 We tried to go back to as normal as possible. We went back to the same jobs and the same girls that we used to work with and we spend a lot of time with our family and friends. We don’t really go out much, if we do it’s a little overwhelming because a lot of people stop us, but for the most part we try to keep our lives as normal as possible.

If you could do the show over again, is there anything that you would change?

If we could do the show over again, we would not change a thing. People loved us for being so real and sometimes the truth hurts, but we were so truthful that it offended people but it was the truth. Everything that we said is basically what America was thinking. We were a little bit hard on Olivia, and that’s one thing we would change is how hard we were on Olivia in Women Tell All.

Have you spoken to Olivia since the show?

No we haven’t, but I think maybe she watched the show and learned a lot that she could apply to her life now, and we’ve heard so many good things. We’ve heard she has a boyfriend and that she’s a model now and we think maybe the show was good for her and taught her a lot about herself. That’s what the show does, it teaches us so much about ourselves and we all learn so much.

Do you have any advice for people who are thinking about giving The Bachelor a try?

We were really afraid to submit ourselves and make a video but I think everyone that’s considering it should just go for it. You have nothing to lose. It’s worth a shot to put yourself out there and just get out of your comfort zone.

 Were there any memorable off camera moments that you’d like to share?

There was this one day that we were in The Bachelor house and Amanda and Lauren and all of them started drawing on their faces and they were all just dancing around and they didn’t show that. It was so funny. Some of the interviews were really hilarious too but they couldn’t air them because they would get a little inappropriate. When it’s 2 am and you’re delusional while interviewing, everything is funny.


What is the best advice you’ve been given?

Our mother told us to never lower our standards. She’s told us to keep high standards and never settle for anything and someday our Prince Charmings will come

What is on your bucket list?

Travel more. We don’t travel hardly at all. The first time we’d ever been out of the country was on The Bachelor. We didn’t even have a passport, we had to have them made so we could go on The Bachelor. We just want to travel more.

If you woke up and found a box on your front porch, what one thing would you want it to contain?

Puppies! A box full of miniature dachshund puppies.

What quote do you live by?

Emily: Mine’s actually in my instagram bio and I’ll never change it. It’s “Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable.”

Haley: Mine would be “Sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage.”

What is your beauty secret?

Sleep. LOTS of sleep. If we could be professional sleepers we would. If you want to have nice skin, do NOT fall asleep with your makeup on. Wash it off no matter how tired you are! And put coconut oil in your hair every night.

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What do you like to watch on TV?

Our favorite show right now is Game of Thrones, but we also love Scandal, Prison Break, How to Get Away With Murder, and we love the LA Clippers Dance Squad. We’re obsessed with that right now.

What movies do you love to watch over and over?

We love Nicholas Sparks movies, our favorite one right now is The Choice. We also love the movie Endless Love, it’s not Nicholas Sparks but it’s so good. We watch chick flicks over and over.

What is your favorite song right now?

 Change of Heart by The 1975

What’s your favorite heartbreak song?

Should Have Said No by Taylor Swift. That is our go-to song.


Who is your celebrity crush?

Haley: I’ve had a crush on this guy for the longest time. His name is Tyler Hoechlin, he plays in Teen Wolf.

Emily: My celebrity crush is Charlie Weber from How To Get Away With Murder.

What’s your ideal first date?

We actually wrote a blog post on this because we wanted to help guys figure this out. We have a really hard time going out to dinner and feeling comfortable eating. On a first date you get really nervous, it’s hard to eat. We decided the first date should be like a short ice cream date because if you like the person you can go do something after and if you don’t you can just go home.

 Are you currently seeing anyone?

 We’re both very much single right now. Hoping to change that, we’re definitely looking to find boyfriends.

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Any advice for the single ladies reading this article?

 Haley: It’s okay to fall in love and just put yourself out there. I’ve had my heart broken a couple of times and I’m always afraid to fall in love again because I don’t want to get my heart broken again but it’s totally worth it. It’s worth feeling that with someone new and if you get your heart broken, it’s okay. It’s okay to have a broken heart.

Emily: I think people should just give people chances. As a society, we don’t give people a chance because we don’t take the time to open up and get to know someone for who they really are. Everybody’s more beautiful on the inside than they are on the outside and you never know if you don’t give someone a chance. They could have the greatest personality in the world if you just give them the chance.

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