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Kansas City is home to the amazing and successful Posh KC Blow Dry Bar. Chances are, if you’re from the area, you have heard of it at some point. But what about the people behind Posh KC? I’m excited to share the interview I was able to do with Ashley and Kelly–the owners and masterminds behind Posh KC.

Check out Ashley and Kelly’s Q&A Below

about-usWhat made you two want to get into the beauty business? 

It was a completely random idea–we had both been in LA and Chicago and gone to blow dry bars there. We loved the concept and the experience, and thought it would be a great addition to downtown Kansas City.

How did you two become business partners?

We were sorority sisters at William Jewell College. We weren’t best friends back then, but we ended up living in the same building a couple of years ago and reconnected.

Were there any experiences or opportunities that stood as stepping stones for opening Posh KC? Did you two always know you wanted to open a dry bar?

I don’t think we ever planned on opening a blow dry bar – it was just a random idea. Our friends and family thought we were crazy (neither of us had prior experience in the beauty industry) but also saw the potential. We decided to just go for it and here we are!

Upon working to get Posh KC up and running, did you two encounter any challenges? What were they? How did you get past them? 

When owning a business, you encounter challenges you never even knew existed, from design, to construction, to operating. It has definitely been a learning experience, and we had to learn some things the hard way. For example, we were getting our final inspection the day before we were scheduled to open. We ended up having to redesign and rebuild our stations overnight. It was so stressful! We also didn’t realize how much time would be involved outside of business hours. We work 7 days a week and there have been a lot of sleepless nights just to keep things running smoothly.

In case some of our readers are unfamiliar with the term, can you explain what a dry bar is?

You know how when you get a haircut and your stylist washes and blow drys it at the end with a round brush and it looks amazing? We do that part, minus the haircut. The round brush technique is important because it gives volume and smooths the hair out. It typically lasts for a few days.

Can you tell our readers a little bit about what Posh KC offers?

Since we are a true blow dry bar, we don’t offer cuts or color. We offer blowouts, styling, HotHeads hair extensions, makeup, bridal, and private parties. We also have monthly memberships available for our regular clients.

What would you say makes Posh KC unique and stand out among other dry bars?

We think we have the best team in Kansas City working for us.  Posh is an experience from the moment you walk in the door. We are consistent with our branding and want every client to have the same great experience every time. We also have a PR company, Kathryn Elise Studio, managing our brand. They are industry experts and have helped us maintain brand consistency and help create a large presence in Kansas City.

Why did you choose Kansas City and how long have you been serving their community?

Kansas City is home for both of us – Ashley is from the Kansas side and Kelly is from the Missouri side. We both love the city and are so excited to be part of the economic growth and development that is going on. It’s a very exciting time for our city.

What would you say you are most proud of when it come to Posh KC? 

We were nominated for Small Business of the Year through the KC Chamber our first year in business. Although we didn’t win, we were nominated among many successful companies and it was a great honor to be considered. We’re really proud that everything about Posh is ours – we aren’t a franchise. We picked the space and designed it ourselves, and it’s really exciting to see your ideas come to fruition.

Do you have any tips for someone who is wanting to start a business of their own?

Be prepared to work hard! The first year isn’t always fun, but hard work pays off. You will realize that no one cares about it as much as you do and it’s important that your entire team represents your brand image and gives 100% in what they do. We’re lucky to have such a great team at Posh KC.

Do you have any beauty tips for our readers? Suggestions of products to use? 

We researched hundreds of brands in order to determine what we wanted to use in the salon. We picked Unite Eurotherapy for hair care and Jane Iredale for makeup. We picked these brands because they use the highest quality ingredients, they do not test on animals, and are exclusive. We love the new shampoos and conditioners from Unite; Boosta for volume, and Lazer Straight to tame frizzy hair.

Should our readers be on the look out for any new hair and makeup trends for Fall 2016? 

Texture is in – waves and the “lived in” look are popular styles for fall. You can achieve this look by using Unite Texturiza spray and Unite Expanda Dust for volume. Sleek ponytails are also timeless and a great way to dress up your look. As for makeup, bold lips and brows with an otherwise natural look are going to be most popular this fall. Our new Jane Iredale eyebrow pencils have been flying off the shelves.

Is there anything else you would like our readers to know about you two or Posh KC?

As business owners, we feel it is really important to be active in the community and support other local businesses and attend neighborhood social events. We have met so many great people through our clients, community organizations, and social events. If you see us out and about and we haven’t met yet, come say “hi!”

Also, if you’ve been wanting to check out Posh KC but haven’t or are apprehensive, don’t be afraid to give us a try! We have services for women, men, and kids. We can do totally natural looks or full glam. There is something for everyone!


You can learn more about Posh KC on their website:

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