The Scoop on Project Runway Contestant Sandhya Garg

by Sarah Scoop

From Season 13 of Project Runway, Sandhya Garg has been on the move ever since! Working with Alexander McQueen, Liberty London, and more her label Sandhya Garg is definitely making major moves. Get the scoop on everything you need to know about this up & coming fashion designer icon, Sandhya Garg, in our Q&A together below:

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I grew up in India. My childhood I can say was of a regular Indian child, I was a headstrong kid who knew what she wanted. While growing up I developed a deep love for textiles, craft and fashion; this led to me to going to school to study fashion in India and later in London, UK.

Has fashion always been a passion of yours?

Yes, I have always been very passionate about Fashion. I realized I wanted to be a designer when I was 10 years old. Clothing made me excited and always inspired me as a person.

When did you know that fashion and designing was the career for you?

My constant search for fabrics to sew new, trendy clothing for my dolls led to me realizing at the age of 10 that I wanted to pursue fashion as a career.

What was the first piece you ever designed?

I designed and constructed a circular skirt for myself when I was 12 years old.

You were on Project Runway, what season were you on?

I was on Project Runway, season 13

What was the most intimidating part of the show?

I think a reality show can bring out a very mean, dark side of people. I think the most intimidating part of the show for me was when some fellow designers called me politically inappropriate names because of me being in the top. At that point I was very new to United States and couldn’t understand how people could behave this way.

How many challenges did you win?

I won 2 challenges and was in top for 3 challenges.

How did your life change after the show aired?

Oh my god, life has been so busy after the show. It was so difficult to even keep track of emails for a good 1 year after the show aired. Everyday I would get so many emails and opportunities. It has been wonderful to say the least and has opened many doors.

Can you tell us a few names you’ve worked with?

Alexander McQueen, Liberty London, Alice Temperley, Izmaylova London

Out of all of the designers you have worked with, who was the easiest to work with?

I can’t pick easy, but in terms of learning the most it would have to be Alexander McQueen.

Who is your fashion designer idol?

Karl Lagerfeld, Manish Arora, Alexander McQueen.

Your brand, Sandhya Garg, what does it stand for?

Label Sandhya Garg stands for a confident worldly woman who knows what she wants and loves the magic that this world has. It is for a free spirited woman who believes in folklore, mythological stories and art that surrounds us in form of sunsets and beautiful architecture. It is maximalism in taste and yet minimalism in mind.

What’s a favorite piece from any of your collections?

They are all my favorite pieces, its hard to pick one.

What is one thing most people don’t know about you?

I think people don’t know that I am very shy, fun-loving person who hates to hurt anyone.

If you could give a piece of advice to future designers, what would it be?

Don’t be afraid to have a unique point of view.

Are there any fun new projects you are currently working on?

I am working on my next two collections and very excited about them. I have recently been invited to be a part of a LA-based celebrity showroom and I am very excited to see my clothing on some leading names.

What is your everyday go-to beauty product?

YSL lipstick in deep red color

What is your guilty pleasure?

Chocolate cake, I can’t afford to put on more weight.

What is a quote you live by everyday?

If life gives you lemons, make lemonade and drink it.

To check out Sandhya Garg’s line for yourself click here!
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