Second Day Hairstyles

Whether you have long or short hair, there is always a way to take your hair from a gorgeous day one to an equally fabulous day two with these easy and quick styles!

If you’re like me and have short hair, at times, you’ll wake up in the morning and it’s a bit crazy… but no fear!  If you have dry shampoo, a comb, a curling iron, and some bobby pins, you too can have a cute second day hairstyle!

Dry shampoo helps to absorb any oil that may appear overnight after skipping a day of washing.  Start first by lifting your hair and spraying directly on the roots. You will see an instant difference.   Try Bed Head RockAholic to keep your hair rockin’ one more day or Oh Bee Hive, which gives massive body and is great for up-do’s.

Curly hairstyles are also great for day two! They add some volume, so your locks aren’t plastered to your head showing off that tell-tail grease! By combining a curled style and giving it a little tease, nobody will know your hair hasn’t been washed.

Bobby pins are an absolute must! They are cheap, you get about a billion in one package, and they last forever!  Use them to pull your bangs back, clip that pony-tail up into a chic bun, or to pull back the sides of your hair;  criss-cross the pins for a super cute look!  You can also try taking your bangs and twisting them back by securing them with a few pins. Perfect for that second day!

Don’t forget about the comb: a girls best friend for teasing and making sky-high hair!  I like to tease the lower sections of my hair first to give that instant lift, but still avoiding the “rat’s nest” look. Teasing is especially helpful on day 2 because it helps starting-to-get-greasy hair look much more fresh.

photo (18)

Bangs pulled back, loose curls.


Longer hair with tighter curls and sides pulled back.



High bun, I included the smaller pic because of the good side view…and yes, I am at target practice. 🙂

photo 1 (18)

Dry Shampoo that can be purchased at Beauty Brands or Ulta. Helpful hint: Use Coupons!

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