Semi-Heatless Curls

I have been a loyal viewer of AndreasChoice for  almost a year now on YouTube. Her hair type if very similar to mine and one video in particular has been on my mind. It’s one where she achieves amazing curls without the use of a curling iron, rollers, flat iron and only uses very little heat. Finally, I tried it and the results were so good that I had to recommend it to the readers of SarahScoop. It works on almost every type of hair and you’ll get compliments on it, I sure did!

Here it is:

Her silly personality will drive you to watch more than one video, guarantee you.. that’s how I’ve kept watching.
This technique to achieve bouncy curls involves blow-drying your hair with warm air on a low setting, there’s no need to blow-dry it perfectly straight. Next, take medium sized sections of your hair and wrap around 2-3 fingers and pin down with two bobby pins to keep in place. After finishing up all your hair, wait at least 4 hours or sleep on them wrapped with a bandanna and take out the bobby pins. The result will be bouncy curls, run your fingers through your hair and add a little bit of hair serum if needed and voila.

-Flaribel B.


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