Sexy, Chic and Sheer

One of the fashions I have really loved this year has been the fact that women are now covering up more than ever and looking sexier!

A huge sponsor of this fashion trend has been the presence of sheer across all of this years hottest runway shows and I couldn’t be more excited!

I look at sheer elements in clothing as a true ode to a woman’s natural sexuality, confidence and femininity… and as an avid shopper (although my budget might tell otherwise), I am constantly trying to work as many sheer pieces into my wardrobe as I can.

By now I’m sure you’re probably wondering where to don such sexy and chic sheer accents in your every day outfits? So, I’m using two of my biggest tips to help you decipher the what’s what when it comes to sheer:

1. Sheer Sleeves
Invite sheer into your office attire. I love sheer sleeves because I think they bring another ounce of style into any outfit. By keeping the body of your outfit covered, sheer sleeves keep it sexy and classy while offering a tell-all look into your perfectly toned and tanned arms (yes, Spring is coming!). It’s the “I’m not saying too much, I’m saying just enough” of your top. So ladies, let it speak!

2. Sheer Necklines
Sheer necklines that flow into the body of your top is a way to keep your look whimsical. Your neckline is naturally gentle and vulnerable (unless, of course, you’re The Hulk and scaring off everyone in your line of sight is part of your delivery) so why not accent those gentle touches with a sheer fabric that looks as though it’s been delicately brushed all over your top?

Now, my last piece of advice. When you’re out shopping for the hottest spring trends this season, don’t be afraid to take chances with your wardrobe. Sheer looks can take on sophistication, elegance, glamour and even a little bit of sex – so don’t be shy! Start small and work your way into being fashion forward and if you’re hoping to incorporate a bit of sheer into your style, try inviting neutral shades at first. Once you’re comfortable, it’s time to be bold!

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