Sexy Summer Wardrobe Must Haves

With summer almost here, it is time to update our wardrobe once again. Last time,  I told you all about my spring picks for 2015, but it’s about time we all got a bit more experimental. This season is the best time of year to express yourself and show the world who you are. That means that you need to let your personal sense of style shine through no matter what. When the weather gets hot, it is time to get stylish. Here are some of the best summer picks that every woman should have in her wardrobe.


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Simple Black Blazer

Okay, so it might be a hundred degrees outside, but you still need to take a jacket. A sophisticated black suit jacket is the best way to go this summer. You can pop this style of coat over almost anything, but it looks fantastic with colorful clothes, so you should keep that in mind. Try to get a fitted jacket that flatters your figure. That way, you will look beautiful and feminine.

Romper Suit

This summer, you need to choose a romper to rock up your look. When choosing your piece, try to stick with bright colors as that will be a massive trend this year. Whether you want a short romper or a long one, there are plenty out there on the high street right now. The beauty of these pieces is that you can wear them with flats in the day and then dress them up with heels and a statement necklace at night. Beautiful!

Colorful Flat Shoes

During long hot summer days, you don’t want to be strutting around in super high heels. Having said that, you still want to ensure that your look is 100% stylish and on trend. If you are looking for flat shoes, you need to get ones with a high-gloss finish. Choose a bold color, such as bright red or even yellow. Don’t worry about whether the shoes clash with your outfit – they should be the centerpiece of your look.

Statement Watch

There is nothing I love more than a massive Micheal Kors watch. If you get an oversized piece, it will look gorgeous with almost any outfit. Look for a gold watch because a piece like that will stand out. Think of this watch as an investment – you will wear it for years and years to come.

Mesh Shirt

Since the summer is sure to be hot, you need something that can breathe. Getting a mesh shirt is the perfect way to spice up your wardrobe in no time. Many girls shy away from these pieces because they worry that they are too revealing. If you worry about that, you can get a simple slip top to go underneath your shirt. Look for pure white pieces because they are perfect for summer days. Most high street stores sell mesh shirts now, which means you should have no problem finding one you adore.

Stripey Dress

Stripes are ever-flattering, especially if you get them going in the right direction. If you are a curvy lady, you should opt for vertical stripes, which give a natural slimming effect. If you want to give the appearance of curves, though, you need to get horizontal stripes, which will make you look wider than you are. Choose a simple black and white print for a classic look. Pair this piece with some red shoes and lipstick for a Parisian style look.

Now you have read my list, why not make one for yourself? What are your top picks for the season? The summer is an excellent time to experiment with your style, so you better get shopping!

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