Different Shades of Lip Color and How to Wear It

Ask any guy- The one thing he cannot resist are a pair of perfectly tinted, puckered lips. Deciding which color is appropriate when and for what occasion can be rather puzzling, but if you’re looking for a way to seductively accentuate your most desired feature, look no further!

Natural neutrality: to add a simple, dewy glow in the morning when that cup of coffee is the only motivating factor that gets you out of bed, take a few seconds to apply a sheer or neutral colored gloss to your lips that draw attention, but not too much. Not only will it hydrate, but it’ll add just a hint of color to get your day started off in the right direction. Allow the morning sun to bounce off your lips and highlight your smile. Don’t mask yourself behind mounds of product. Men love to see some natural beauty shine through every once in a while, so appreciate what makes you, you and run with it.

Pretty pink pop: as the neutral morning shade gets wiped away and your lips are left naked and colorless, that 2:30 afternoon slump allows you make things fun! In order to make it through the last few hours of school or work, pull out your favorite pink gloss or lip stick and massage it into your lips to create a vibrant pop of pretty color. Nothing feels better than displaying confidence, so instead of reaching for your second (or fifth?) cup of joe for the day, dive into your purse and get to applying. It’ll be a guaranteed and much needed pick me up.

Ruby after-hours: the girls night out you had planned for weeks would not be complete without incorporating a reddish tinge. Nothing demands more attention than a bold, drastic red lip that just screams “Look at me!” Many celebrities are revitalizing this traditional trend and are making it their trademark. Time spent relaxing and having the time of our lives with girlfriends must be worry free, so be sure to choose a sultry red lip gloss or stain that will endure a whole night’s worth of dancing, flirting, and partying.

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    • Katy
    • June 26, 2012

    The fragrance and taste of this lip gloss is exatcly as described. I also love the touch of irridescence that it has. It’s beautiful on. This lip gloss is also quite long lasting. It feels a little thicker and more emollient than other lip glosses I’ve tried; therefore, it does have staying power. I would definitely buy this again!

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