“The Shape of Water” Movie Review

The Shape of Water should be at the top of your list this holiday season!  This unique film is one that I’m sure you will all love just as much as I did.  The story is set in the 1960s and follows a mute woman named Elisa (Sally Hawkins) who works as a cleaning lady in a government laboratory.  When the laboratory discovers a secret asset, Elisa’s life is forever changed.  The secret asset is nothing like she’s ever seen before; imagine a tall, scaly creature with special abilities and the need for human compassion.  Elisa makes a special connection with the creature and risks everything for a few precious moments with it everyday.  She finally feels like someone truly understands her and it brings her a special joy that she wouldn’t trade for the world.  The Shape of Water has already won and been nominated for many prestigious awards, and it’s not hard to understand why.  The brilliant work of Guillermo del Toro truly shines in this incredible film.

The superb acting is another great aspect of the film.  Without using her voice, Sally Hawkins is able to deliver a spectacular performance as Elisa.  The difficulty of the role didn’t stop Hawkins from performing with true and authentic emotion, as someone who longs for companionship and love.  Elisa’s necessity for someone who understands her completely is perfectly portrayed by Hawkins.  Another fantastic actor, Richard Jenkins adds a touch of humor to the film in his role as Giles.  Giles is one of Elisa’s closest friends, and his awkward, individualistic personality is a lighthearted addition to the movie.  Octavia Spencer also brings some comedy to the movie as Zelda.  Spencer is able to steal the show with her sassy, no nonsense portrayal of this hilarious character.

The Shape of Water is definitely going to be a movie that lives on long after it leaves theaters.  Don’t miss your chance to see this masterpiece, in theaters now!

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