Should I Be Throwing Out Old Make-Up?

Make-up wasn’t made to last forever. Even though most labels on beauty projects don’t say it, make-up does have an expiration date. Every product has a different life span, and we’re here to help you figure out when exactly to toss your old cosmetics!

Most foundations and powders can last for a year or two (if you don’t use it all up first). If it begins to smell or look differently than when you originally purchased it, then that’s a clear sign that you should probably get rid of it. Also if you develop a bad or contagious skin condition while using a brush to put on your foundation or blush, make sure you get rid of both the brush and the make-up. You wouldn’t want to get it again!

When applying your foundation you should always use a sponge or a brush and never your fingers. Your fingers can have germs and bacteria on them and if you put them in your make-up, you’ll end up spreading the germs.

Pencils can end up lasting a few years. When using eyeliner it’s a smart idea to sharpen your pencil before applying it. This will help it last a little longer and prevent germs from spreading.

Mascara is the one cosmetic that everyone needs to be really careful about. Mascara tubes can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria. It’s very important that you throw out your mascara around every three months. If you don’t, it can cause different types of eye infections. And remember if you have an eye infection already and decide to still wear mascara, throw out the tube to prevent spreading the infection.

Many people don’t realize that make-up wasn’t meant to last forever. After using it for awhile bacteria grows. It’s important to know when to throw out your cosmetics that way you don’t get a variety of infections. Remember if it looks weird or smells weird, it’s probably not the smartest idea to continue to use it; throw it out and buy some more!


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    • Briana
    • July 26, 2012

    hahaha I was beginning to wonder if I should keep using my “red” lipstick that was beginning to look orange…oops!!

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