Should You Watch Married to Jonas?

The Jonas Brothers may have been a little M.I.A. in the past few years, but the boys are back! While we haven’t heard any new music from them yet, we have the chance to see 2/3 of the Jonas boys on our television screens. Joe is a judge on “The Next,” which is a reality singing competition on the CW. What most Jonas fans are talking about, though, is Kevin Jonas’s reality show: “Married to Jonas.”

The biggest Jonas fans can get a look into the private lives of Kevin Jonas and his wife Danielle by watching the half-hour long show on Sunday nights on the E! network. The first episode introduced us to the Deleasa family and their fun-loving way of living. It also took a more serious turn when the talk of having a baby came up at the Jonas family dinner table! Uh oh… baby talk in front of the whole family wasn’t what Danielle was looking to do. The baby issue has continued to be one of Kevin and Dani’s main focus points in the first three episodes so far, which has caused many heated conversations between the family members.

With so many strong-minded family members on the Jonas side and so many easy-going people over on Danielle’s side of the family, how would all of this work? Well, Kevin and Dani are trying to keep both families happy by remaining in New Jersey to be near the Deleasa’s and by flying to Dallas to see the Jonas’s. Wherever they are, Kevin and Danielle face everyday obstacles that a young couple would face… with the exception that this young couple has to plan a baby around a Jonas Brothers world tour!

So, should you watch “Married to Jonas” if you’re a big Jonas fan? The answer can only be determined by watching the show to see for yourself what it’s all about. Some fans might not like how the boys are portrayed on the show, but some fans think it’s fun to see them acting like the normal guys that they are! Only time will tell what happens between Kevin and Danielle as we watch each week for a new episode.

Make sure you watch “Married to Jonas” on E! every Sunday at 10 PM EST right after “Keeping Up with the Kardashians!”

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    • JOnasLova
    • September 11, 2012

    I love the Jonas Bros!!!

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