Silver and Gold Spring Cleanout

With spring just around the corner, what better time to begin to think about organizing your exploding closet bursting with floral dresses, cropped capris, and flowing blouses? If anyone knows how sacred each article in a closet is, it’s me! I find it so difficult to decide which pieces are time to say adios to and those that are worthy of spot on the shelf. Although clothing oftentimes possesses sentimental and nostalgic value, you must make an effort to purge the collection of pieces that are simply taking up space to make plenty of room for the latest fashion trends. One is silver and the other’s gold!

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Implore the help of a friend: No one knows you better than your BFF. Since she’s usually the one you drag weekend bargain shopping or spontaneous driving to the local boutique, she’s the perfect choice to aid in cleaning out your closet. Your BFF tends to know you better than you know yourself, so if you’re torn between getting rid of that leather jacket or having it collect some more dust for another year, allow her to make the final cut.

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Give it the time test: Has that denim mini been fixated in that same spot, on the same hanger, next to the same logo tee, for six months, then it’s time to say goodbye. Coming up with your own clothing timeline will allow you set goals for your wardrobe and make it easier to give it a clean sweep once you’ve noticed that it hasn’t budged in quite some time. Chances are, if a considerable amount of time has gone by, it probably still isn’t in style anyway.

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Think big: While your closet is bursting with a collection of the trendiest apparel, take some time to consider those who rely on maybe three shirts to survive. You’ll be doing the greatest deed by bagging up your old clothes and donating them to a local charity. Not only will you feel proud to contributing to a great cause, but you’ll also have plenty of space to work with in your own closet. If you’re able to cut down your wardrobe in half and pass on your memories to those less fortunate, you’ve succeeded.

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Buy new pieces, but keep some old. One is silver and the other’s gold!


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