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I am so excited that SoFabCon has announced a #LuvSoFab Sponsorship Contest.  I would be honored to win one of Collective Bias’ 12 full conference sponsorships to #LuvSoFab.  I have the recent opportunity to work with Collective Bias and I have been nothing, but amazed.  Attending this conference would be so much to me.  I want to go to this conference so I can make new connections, new friends and feel the power of blogging.

I came up with 5 tips for everyone and 5 things I plan to do at the conference.

1. Bring business cards.  Trust me, you are going to want to network with businesses and fellow bloggers.

2. Be talkative.  Don’t be shy…this is not the place.  You need to be outspoken and let others know about your blog.

3. Take the freebies.  Those goodies are there for you. The businesses are putting these products in your hands in hopes that you will spread the word on them.  Taking the gift bags and products allows you to try them out and spread the word.

4. Take notes.  I learned so much from previous conferences.  I brought my iPad and recorded notes at the different sessions.  Also, the good ol’ fashion pen and paper really comes in handy.  Write down everything you hear.  I am always so happy to be able to look back at all of my notes when I got home.

5. Have fun! A conference is almost like a big party.  A party where all of the attendees and speakers have the same interest…blogging!! :) I know that the So Fab Conference will be a great time and I would be so honored to be apart of it.

The experience of attending the So Fab Conference would mean so much to me.  It would give me the chance to take my blogging to the next level.  It would mean getting the opportunity to network with like minded individuals and gain the knowledge I need to be a successful blogger.

After the experience I know I will feel empowered to advance my blog in so many ways.  I will be able to reach out for new opportunities and leave the conference with new friends and new connections.
I hope to attend the So Fab Conference through the sponsorship program and you better believe I will be updating through the whole experience.

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