Socks With Heels? It’s Okay!

The socks with sandals look has been on the fashion don’t list for years, but this season proves that if you do it right, it’s all right. This trend has made an appearance on the runway over the last couple years with designers like Burberry featuring strappy heels paired with similar colored socks, for a subtler look.  Celebrities like Rihanna have also been spotted sporting the trend, wearing colorful pumps and white ankle socks. For 2012 the look is definitely still going strong. If you are dying to breakout your wedges a few weeks before spring, pairing them with a cute sock can keep your feet warm and you looking chic.

Photo: Andrew Giammarco for The New York Times

To avoid a fashion faux pas when executing this trend, invest in some stylish socks. Retailers like American Apparel have several pairs with a lace or sparkle accent that can really pull the look together without looking like you are wearing your old gym socks. If the socks are calf-length push them down in order to create a bunched look at the ankle. Finally, wearing a wedge or chunky heel usually looks best.

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