Is Sodium Making You Bloated?

Feeling bloated? It could be because you’re consuming way too much sodium.  Find out, is sodium making you bloated? Sodium finds its way into your diet in all kinds of ways—from potato chips to canned soups.

Excessive amounts of sodium causes your body to retain more water than usual which takes a while for your kidneys to work out. Reducing your intake of sodium is a great way to reduce your body’s water retention.

One obvious way to avoid this problem is to cut out salty foods like chips, pizza, cheese (you can substitute for low sodium), and processed foods. Processed foods often contain more sodium than it’s fresh, unprocessed counterparts so make sure you start looking into more fresh foods rather than those microwaveable “healthy’ meals and canned soups.

You can also start drinking more water as it will help flush out any extra stuff in your body that doesn’t need to be there such as toxins and salt.

Exercise also helps as you’ll be sweating it out. A good workout will help you get rid of that full, gassy feeling that often comes with bloating.

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