How to Deal With Sorority Rush Stress

Gearing up for your first year of college can be frightening and exciting, especially if you are planning to Rush.  However, there are some common misconceptions about who rushes, what sororities are, and how a new pledge is selected.

Frankly, it can be a very intimidating thing, especially because it can sometimes feel like you are being harshly judged off of appearance and five minutes of conversation.  As one who felt much anxiety and confusion about the recruitment process, there are a few words of advice for thought and tips to help you with the sorority rush stress.

1.  Go through Rush even if you don’t think you are the “sorority” type. 

Being placed in a recruitment group can be beneficial in many ways even if you do not end up pledging.  Some of your future best friends can be waiting in the randomized groups, and you might even be surprised by how fun the process can be.

2.  Just because it seems to be the most popular, does not mean it’s the best sorority.

Usually, each sorority has its own personality and qualities, and you want to feel welcome and at home when going through the interview process.  Do not choose based off of recognition.

3. Everyone is in the same boat, and yes, everyone is nervous and scared too. 

It is okay to feel out of place and a little anxious, but there truly is nothing to be worried about.  Most likely you will find someone you can keep up a good conversation with and feel comfortable talking to.

4.  No matter what, DO NOT suicide Rush. 

Even if you are a legacy, or know many people in one particular sorority, putting all your eggs in one basket is NEVER a good idea.  Also, it makes you mentally ignore all other possibilities and opportunities to get to know other girls.  Stay open-minded and willing to talk to everyone.

5.  Dress cute and comfortable. 

Snappy casual is the best way to put it: a standout dress (not something at Forever 21) that no one can find, heels you can actually walk in, and an easy to carry purse.  Dress like you, not like what people want to see, but what you like to wear.  Do not have your phone out, ready to text everyone.  It can make you appear like you have a careless attitude.

Finally, as you take your first steps into the Rush room or house, take your watch off.  It might sound dilly, but you will unknowingly glance at your watch, causing you to appear bored with who you are talking to or the whole sorority in general.

Take deep breathes, relax, and although it’s trite, be yourself.

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