Spring Jeans For 2015

In spring 2015, we’ll be doing two things: spring cleaning and spring jeaning. Spring jeaning (according to me) is the art of cycling out your fall and winter denim and cycling in your new spring jeans. It never hurts to get a jump start, especially when it comes to shopping, so here is a guide to up and coming spring denim trends.

(Most of these concepts are based on information from Vogue and Jean Stories, as well as looks from designers for the spring 2015 fashion shows).

clean and crisp

Clean & Crisp: Designers like Yves Saint Laurent and Michael Kors showed that basic, straight-edge denim will never be overrated or outdated. Architecturally speaking, the lines of these jeans are usually straight with sometimes sharp angles. They’re not embellished or frayed in any way, just plain day-to-day denim. Having a pair or two of these jeans in your wardrobe is a basic staple that will add a professional, clean look to the eternally-casual jean.

Wide & Short: Los Angeles denim label Frame brought a denim look to the runway that was rather reminiscent of the good ole’ culottes. I know you probably just cringed at the word culottes, and normally I would do the same, but Frame reinvented the look into something totally chic. For those of you who are unfamiliar, culottes have a bad rap. They’re known for looking strange and destroying any figure you may have had before you put them on. The idea is that they are wide-legged, sometimes looking very “swishy”, and similar in length to Capri pants. However, Frame made them into a jean. One pair even had a high waist which gave the style a fresh new look. Overall, pulling these off will probably come down to your ability to stylize and put a complete outfit together. Warning: this purchase will not be for those who are weak at heart. You have to be brave and adventurous to make high fashion statements, but in my opinion, wide and short denim has potential to be the new boyfriend jean.

Long Denim Skirt: Recently, the skirt of the moment has been the long pencil skirt or the “midi-skirt”. If you’re unfamiliar, look up recent pictures of Kim Kardashian– she rocks the midi like no other. In years prior, a much shorter pencil skirt was the go-to, and even before that, denim mini-skirts were in. Nowadays it’s all coming full circle with a skirt that in a sense, combines it all: the long denim skirt or the denim maxi skirt. Personally, I LOVE this look. The denim maxi skirt is loose fitting with many variations like buttons, pockets, cargo style, or plain. Nearly all of the denim skirts spotted on the runway this season were long and stylish, so this is a must have for spring.

denim patches

Distressed, Patched & Embellished: Distressed denim is one of my favorites and it’s not yet a dying trend. Rips, frays and tears will still be in for the spring season, but taken to the next level. Rules do not apply. This spring you’ll be able to rock that vintage 80’s denim because patches are a soon-to-be trend, which also gives you some freedom of self-expression and potential DIY projects.  Surely those who love vintage and throwback denim will happily embrace this trend. Embellished jeans (like those with sparkly bedazzled-goodness) will also be a trendy look. In any case, don’t be nervous about purchasing “overly-distressed jeans” this spring because there’s no such thing.

Light Washes: This isn’t new or improved, but it is a great rule of thumb to follow for spring and summer. Light washes, and white jeans are a must.

With these denim trends on hand you’re sure to make an impression this spring. Happy spring jeaning!

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