Staying Chic While Sick

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Winter brings many joys: warm ciders, fuzzy sweaters and cute boots.  What winter also brings is annoying sickness. Colds, flus and the random phlegm, they all hinder our ability to stay fashionable. Sometimes we don’t have the option to stay in and are forced to work, go to school or socialize. Here are five pieces that will elevate your look from ailing to stunning.

Beaded Headband

Forever 21

When you have the aches, the last thing you want to do is fix your tresses. Sweep back your hair in one of the most popular trends of 2014, beaded headbands. A beautiful crown automatically distracts from a pale, sick face.

Kimono Jacket


Drape yourself in a fabulous kimono jacket while you are hopping from the pharmacy to a party.  A great way to make a statement without much of a try, a kimono jacket looks chic with a simple skinny leg and tank.

Large Earrings


Wearing  a pair of sparkly dangles is a great way to distract from a red, dry nose. There are so many options to choose, from golden hoops to shimmering chandeliers. Wearing a big pair of earrings instantly flatter any face and are perfect for an upcoming New Years Party.

Sweater Dress

Nordstrom Rack

Be cozy and chic when you feel under the weather. A high quality dress can feel like a comfy blanket that you can wear out and about. Working well with tights or leggings, nothing says “I feel great” like a fabulous sweater dress.

Button Up Blouse



This is a must have for anyone sick. A button up blouse in a bright color or print can make you look stunning no matter how you feel. Comfy and quick, they are great for when you are dragging yourself out of bed and have no energy to get dressed.

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