Staying Healthy on a Tight Schedule

Everybody wants to stay healthy but it’s not always easy. Getting to the gym and preparing healthy food takes up a lot of time that some of us just don’t have. But don’t worry, there are plenty of things that you can do to stay healthy on a tight schedule. Try some of these tips and tricks to fit a health regime into your busy schedule.

Use the Microwave

The microwave is often associated with very unhealthy meals, but you can use it to your advantage. You can use the free time that you do have to prepare meals and then during your more busy times, you can just heat one up in the microwave.

Get A Slow Cooker


Using a slow cooker can save you hours of time. It can do all the hard work while you are away at work. Simply put everything in and leave it, by the time you get back, it will all be ready. There are plenty of very healthy meals that you can make in a slow cooker with zero effort.

Eat Spicy Food

Eating spicy food is a very good way of staying healthy as it improves your metabolism. Capsaicin, the compound that gives chillis their heat, has been proven to inspire fat burning in your body and improve your metabolism long term. It is believed to change bad fats into good fats, so if you haven’t got time to exercise as regularly, it can keep the weight off.

Remote Doctors

If you are worried about your health, getting to the doctors can be time consuming. Fortunately there are services like, that let you consult with a doctor over skype so you can still fit in an appointment without taking time out of your day to make a long journey to the doctors office.

Time Saving Exercise Tips

Finding time to fit exercise into your busy routine can be very difficult but there are a few clever ways that you can do it. If your journey to work is short enough, you could try running or cycling instead of driving or using public transport. That way, you will get in two good exercise sessions a day without eating into your schedule too much.

You could also try getting in a quick workout during your lunch break if your commute is too long for running or cycling. Look for local gyms that you could easily get to from work.

If you do manage to make it to the gym, there are ways that you can maximise your session. Using dumbbells on the treadmill means you can get all aspects of your workout in during a ten minute session.

Interval training is another good way of getting good exercise in in a very short period. You only need to do thirty second bursts followed by a minutes rest so in less than ten minutes, you can be done. It also improves your metabolism so doing interval training will make it easier to stay healthy generally.

Using these tips you can fit staying healthy into your busy regime.

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