Steer Clear Of These Overdone Wedding Cliches

Your wedding will be the happiest day of your life and so you’ll want to make sure you pack it full of fantastic memories. As well as this, it should also be special, unique and stand out from all the other weddings that occur this year. One way to ensure yours will be truly unforgettable is to plan a completely cliche-free day. So which cliches should you steer well clear of? Here are five of the main offenders.


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The Cheesy Garter Pic

You all know the kind of pictures I’m on about. The ones in which the bride stands showing off the garter around her thigh. Sure, there’s nothing wrong with wearing a garter. It is part of the tradition, after all. But do you really need to show it off? I don’t think so. These pictures can come across as very cheesy, which is something you really don’t want. Especially when you are flicking through your wedding album in a few years time!

Same Old Decorations

Nowadays, you see many of the same decorations at weddings. Even if the themes are slightly different. There will be flowers everywhere, and probably lots of fairy lights and glitter. Confetti too! Why not try mixing up your decor? You can still add a lot of sparkle, glitz and glamour to your big day – you just need to be creative with how you go about it. Ever thought about buying a load of sparklers for all the guests? You can take a look at wedding day sparkler ideas here:

The Boring Receiving Line

At many weddings, as you enter the reception venue, the guests will be expected to queue up and walk past the newlyweds congratulating them. This is known as the receiving line. But, in my opinion, it’s just another boring cliche that your day can do without. Do you really want to be stood for ages thanking all your guests, when you could be sitting down and tucking into your delicious wedding breakfast? I doubt it. And I’m sure all your guests will have on their minds will be the delicious food awaiting them. So do everyone a favour and ditch the receiving line.

Ditch The Wedding Planner

Ultimately, most of these cliches come about because we hire wedding planners. Hiring a professional may sound like a great idea to begin with. But can you really trust your special day with someone you don’t know? If you have the time and energy, it will certainly pay off to plan and organize the wedding yourself. And it’s the only way you will truly be able to arrange a day that is 100% personal and unique to you and your partner.

So for a wedding that is truly memorable and unique, the best thing you can do is to make it a day free from cliches. Sticking to traditions is perfectly fine. But when if they are outdated and worn, it may be time to think again!

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