Strike A Pose: Tips to Get a Celebrity Worthy Photo

by Sarah Ruhlman
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Celebrity style is more and more sort after and there is even a growing trend for us mere mortals to invest in expensive surgical procedures to capture the beauty, body shape and look of our favorite film starts.  Going under the knife is a pretty drastic measure and unnecessary surgery is dangerous and often, irreversible.  So here is a look at how you can capture that A list beauty without breaking the bank or your health!

Hair, eyes, skin, teeth.  When you look at beautiful celebrity images these are usually the basic elements of high impact looks.  So, let’s get to the head of the matter.

Hydration is always the most important start to making any change to your overall appearance.  Water aids in the regeneration of cells, giving more vitality to your hair, stronger healthier looking nails and beautiful radiant skin.  It doesn’t matter how great the products are that you are putting on your body, without a good H2O routine you are lose something.  You will see that most celebs are rarely papped without a bottle of mineral water in hand.  There is a reason for this.  It is their biggest secret to stopping the show.  So get drinking!

Moisture on the outside is the next big step.  Giving an extra boost to the skin that faces the elements every day.  We wrote a fantastic piece on reducing stress the secret to great skin here.  There once was a trend for the rich and famous to get out in the sun and go golden, this was first brought into fashion by Coco Chanel whom returned from a holiday with sunburn and was complimented on the darker, olive tone of her skin.  That was it, the trend started and before we knew it, we had opened the door to all kinds of skin related illnesses including cancer.  Now, celebrities tend to focus on using a good quality SPF to protect their skin from the UV rays and keep the moisture locked into their skin.  However, there is still a demand for that sunkissed glow.  This is where a good self tanning product comes in.  The rise of the spray tan.  One of the best on the market is Sienna X, which took over as the market leader from St Tropez.  Most red carpet walkers will have had some kind of spray tan to enhance their natural skin and most of these products contain a great quality moisturiser to feed the skin at the same time.  So bag up a tinted moisturizer and a good quality SPF.

That Smile! Dazzling the cameras, there is no place in Hollywood for crooked teeth or a stained set of gnashes.  Most TV stars spend a fortune on dental care, some opting to keep their natural smile but enhancing it with whitening procedures whilst others go the whole way with a set of veneers for that ‘all american’ smile that seems a little too common across magazine covers.  If you don’t have a huge budget start with a good hygienist and regular check ups.  Use to help you find a local, professional dentist and discuss your options with them.  You can get an invisible brace fitted to help bring your smile inline and there are lots of non invasive cosmetic procedures that can be taken on by a qualified dentist to give you a star quality smile.  Wherever you go, keep some floss and a toothbrush in your handbag to keep your teeth clean and fresh from morning to night!

Show stopping hair comes in two styles on the red carpet.  Either big and glam or the elegant updo, whilst most celebrities opt for a more casual style in day to day life.  Actors will have more stress put on their hair than most of us with many dying, heating, styling and cramming it all under a sweaty wig, throughout the year on hot and unforgiving film sets.  So, if they can tame their locks and make their style look super shiny then so can you.

Allowing your hair to dry naturally after most washes is far kinder than blowing it dry.  For a daily glam look, use a great quality shampoo and conditioner and don’t wash your hair everyday.  This can strip your hair of natural serum which keeps it healthy.  If you need to use a volume boosting dry shampoo between washes but a buildup of product can lead to itchy and dry scalp which means …. Dandruff.  Not a sight you see with any regularity on the red carpet.  Natural products such as coconut oil can help keep your scalp in perfect condition and will help prevent any dryness.

Styling your hair is personal choice but if you are going for a down do, look at adding a few loose curls and plenty of movement in the ends.  Whatever style you go for, and we have selected a few here, ensure you finish it off with a high quality shine spray to give that instant glamour and illusion of health to your locks.

A great photo tends to highlight bright and defined eyes.  Meaning there is no room for an untamed brow.  There are literally hundreds of eyebrow procedures, from laser hair removal to microblading and the basic tint and wax.  HD Brows became hugely popular only to be ruined by thousands of young girls going a little over the top and ending up with what look like Nike ticks on their forehead.  Getting photo worthy brows is quite achievable at home in your own bathroom.  Tweezers should be used with caution but a gentle waxing kit can help give you the defined arch with a clean edge, as seen on Kim Kardashian. Permanent brow tint can be bought in most high street stores and there is even a brow revolution called Wunderbrow doing the rounds.  Wunderbrow has fine particles to help give the illusion of more brow hair.  The advice is to remember that eyebrows are sisters, not twins.  Do not try and give yourself completely symmetrical brows, it won’t look natural.  Most brow kits also come with two shades, a lighter one to give a softer look towards the inner edge of your brow.  This handy guide will help you find the best shape for your face.

Another favorite to the stars are false eyelashes.  Offering more length and frame to the eye and giving a mysterious and sexy look over the smoky eye.  Get the celeb look with permanent individual extensions which can last up to 3 months (with infills) or use a well known brand like Eyelure to create your own style at home.

So, once you’ve nailed your head it’s time to look at your style.

Great fashion doesn’t have to be expensive.  A skinny jean, a basic white tee and a cute little black jacket are a perfect look for casual chic in the day. You can glam this look up with some killer heels and a more dramatic top. Celebrity style is all about good fit and great quality but you can achieve this by mixing branded items with high street fashion.  Play with your look until you nail something that suits you and then, then it’s all about the most important secret in Hollywood.

Confidence.  It doesn’t matter if you aren’t confident.  You can fake it.  Attitude plays a huge part in celebrity style so find your inner Katy Perry and roar, even when you feel as small as a mouse.  Think like a Tiger.

This is your opportunity to show the world who you are.  So, strike a pose, there’s nothing to it!


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