Strip Off The Color {The Nude Nail Trend}

Nude nails are as elegant as nails can get. Ideal for the conservative workplace, or fashion runways, nude nails fit every occasion. And no, we’re not talking about just a coat of clear polish, or no polish at all. We’re talking sexy, flesh-toned nail polish.

Nude nails elongate your nails and the ‘barely-there’ look is more lady-like and natural than any other color. Not all nude nails are equal, and surprisingly, more effort is needed when choosing a shade compared to other colors. Some nude colors are more metallic, others are more opaque or translucent. The key to choosing the perfect shade is matching the polish with your skin tone.

Experiment with different shades to find your perfect polish. HIPPxRBG has a great line of nude nail shades. The polishes mimic tinted moisturizer or foundation, but for your nails!

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