Sugaring Hair Removal Explained

Sugar, no spice, and smooth skin; how nice!


“What’s the deal with sugaring hair removal?” you ask? It’s a pretty sweet way to remove unwanted hair, we’ll tell you that much!

Sugaring hair removal is an all natural remedy that was developed from an ancient Egyptian practice. The sugaring solution is made from only three food-derived ingredients: sugar, water, and lemon juice. This mixture extracts the unwelcome hair follicle root, and yields results that can last for up to six weeks.

The best part about this form of hair removal is that it’s a less-painful alternative to waxing and the mixture can be made at home as a DIY project (though you can also book an appointment at a salon or buy an at-home sugaring kit).

There are two different ways to sugar: paste removal and gel removal.

The paste is said to remove hair up to as short as 1/16 of an inch long, while the gel (which is somewhat easier to apply) will only remove hair that is about 1/4 of an inch.

The paste mixture can be made at home just by pouring two cups of white sugar, 1/4 of a cup of lemon juice, and another 1/4 cup of water into a microwave safe bowl and heating it for about a minute. The perfect consistency should be similar to that of honey and the color should be a dark shade of amber. The warmed paste can then be applied by hand (using latex gloves), a spatula, or a spoon and can be removed by pulling out the hair in the same direction of the hair growth.

Pro Tip: Before sugaring, make sure that your skin is clean and dry.

Because you are pulling the hair in the natural direction of growth, the strain on the skin is lessened and you are far less likely to break the hair follicle above or below the skin’s surface. This means no more nasty ingrown hairs, less pain, and the skin gets an unexpected smoothing treatment. Talk about perks.

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    Great article! I absolutely LOVE sugaring! My name is Jennifer and my family and I live on our homestead here in TN. We live a holistic, organic, self-sustaining lifestyle and I have included organic sugaring into my lifestyle, beauty routine and my company, JBHomemade – here I make for you BOTH forms of sugaring, Paste and Gel and also organic scrubs for exfoliation using herbs, essentials, flowers, brown sugar, cane sugar, raw sugar, oatmeal and more either grown right here on my homestead or from the Amish community in nearby KY.

    I’m sharing this article you wrote because it is so well written and I love sharing anything related to sugaring to my friends and customers. Education and understanding is KEY to the sugaring method…you’ve got to be able to “get it” and have that AHA moment…then you get addicted as some of my friends have said! I’ve so much I’d like to share with you…videos, how tos, diagrams, benefits, history, links, shares about my lifestyle (homesteading/organic, etc). Would love to connect! Have an awesome day and thanks for explaining sugaring in such a great way 😀

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