Suit Up! Best Swim Suits for Less

This spring has been so beautiful, it makes me excited for swimsuit season! So, I’ve been looking around for the most fashion forward suit trends. These are a few of my favorite looks for a price we can all afford!

The One Piece

One pieces are everywhere and totally in! This one I’ve seen in person, and it’s so cute. The lace and the aztec print really make this look fashion forward. For an added bonus, the back is open and makes this one piece completely sexy! Find it at PacSun for $39.95


Cool on land AND in water! Bandeau tops are perfect for the beach because, guess what…no string tan lines! This one is super fashionable because of the bright colors and, also, adds some edge and sportiness with the cute zipper! Target $17.99

Retro Girl

In fashion, what goes around always comes back around. In this case, the 1950s, “Marilyn Monroe” swim style is hitting all major stores now. This suit is easy to wear for any shape! After all, one of the things that made Marilyn so beautiful was her amazing curves… so flaunt them with this type of suit. Beware though… weird tan lines will result, so wear this look exactly the way it should be worn… like the trend setter, fashionista you are! Try a look like this (my personal favorite) from Urban Outfitters… about $50 a piece. Other cheaper versions of the suit can be found in stores like Delia’s and H&M.

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