Summer Accessories

Summer weather makes accessorizing a bit more fun! Warmer weather means light clothing and more exposed skin, giving you the opportunity to accessorize a lot more than during the winter or fall. I’ve made a list of the best summer accessories to wear during the summer that look adorable, fit the season, and keep you cool. Accessorize your hearts out, ladies!

imgLong chain/leather thread necklaces

These necklaces are perfect for everything! Swap your heavy scarf for a light, bright necklace and your entire outfit will be transformed. I love to put on a long necklace with brightly colored gems over a plain shirt or dress to add a pop of color and sophistication! I personally love this Michael Kors tri-tone necklace.


Floppy hats

Floppy hats are by far my favorite accessory. They are absolutely adorable and, an added bonus, provide protection from the sun! I have to hold myself back from wearing one with every outfit! This red hat is super chic with its gold accent.


Midi rings

Midi rings are a trend that have become very popular! These little rings sit above your finger joint and are light and tiny enough to provide style without getting in the way or weighing you down. I love wearing midi rings and regular rings at the same time. Very summer! Very chic! Check out these tiara midi rings, perfect to show off your inner princess!


Stackable bracelets

For younger kids, summer is a time of making and wearing woven bracelets with their best friends from camp. Who said we can’t carry on the trend? They may not be hand woven by our best friend, but they do serve their purpose. I absolutely love the look of stacking beaded bracelets! It, again, provides that pop of color and that finishing touch every good outfit needs. They are very light and not constricting; very ideal for summer heat. Check out these bright Vera Bradley bracelets. They’ll be sure to add some color to your summer look!


Small earrings

Summer is definitely not the time to be sporting heavy, diamond-encrusted, gold-plated, hanging earrings! They may be beautiful, but this is just not the season to pair them with a casual summer dress. I am all for wearing small, dainty earrings like these that accentuate the outfit without weighing you down!

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