4 Summer Summer Accessories Every Fashioninsta Needs

Summer offers a great opportunity to really bring your outfits alive with different accessories. There are certain ones that you may not have been able to wear in the colder months, as well as being able to layer up in a different way; instead of big, chunky items, you can vary your clothing style with thinner, more removable layers for when you are getting too hot. It can be an amazing chance to play with your sense of fashion.


Rather than wearing cosy knitted hats for warmth, we are instead wearing them for protection. This gives a lot of opportunity to mix and match what you want to wear on your head, from scarves to big, floaty hats which make us we could generally only get away with during the summer. There is a great range online which stays quite stable every year and more so gives you a chance to add to your collection rather than presenting you with anything too out-there and new.


With the weather being warmer, naturally more of our bodies are going to be on show. When it’s colder, we tend to go for more eye-catching jewellery that’s thicker set and more heavily adorned than the slimmer styles that we go for in the summer. Rose gold is still hot on trend this year as it was for the year just gone, and accessorizing your necklaces with other jewelry such as pearl earrings, geometrical rings and layered bracelets can really help to bring your outfit alive.


Generally speaking, we carry a lot more in our bags during these coming months than we do at any other time during the year. There’s just so much to consider; if we have an opportunity to go outside, we need adequate protection in sunscreen. Then there’s having to carry around all of the essentials that we usually would, plus adding things like books, a change of shoes (generally into flipflops if leaving the office) more things to tie your hair up with if it’s long to make sure that you’re not overheating yourself – and obviously you’ll need a bit of spare room just in case you buy anything else. Thankfully, the days of having to fit your life in the smallest bag available are well and truly over, and it’s not uncommon to see people walking around with backpacks rather than shoulder strapped bags. Do what suits you in terms of ease and think of the style later.


Being able to get your sunglasses out is one of the best things in terms of accessorizing during the summer months; it can just add a certain je ne sais quoi to any outfit. As with normal glasses, you need to ensure that they are the right shape for your face to avoid looking odd and mismatched whilst wearing them. There are guides online which can point you in the right direction for the style of glasses that will suit the shape of your face, so make a beeline for these ones when you visit the store.  

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